Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Concerts, Music, Audio Books, and Games

Hey everyone. Here are my obsessions. Yay!

#5 The Hunger Games Audio Book on Scribd

I've talked about the Scribd application before. In case you forgot it's like Netflix but for books instead of movies. Scribd recently decided to add audio books into their extensive collection. This was already exciting to me, but I got even more excited when I saw that they had all of the books in The Hunger Games trilogy in audio book. I've been wanting to re-read the series, but haven't really had the time. The audio book has helped me out greatly. Plus, it is a well read audio book. The reader does all the voices. Yes!

#4 New Wigs!

I got these new awesome wigs recently. They are so beautiful. One of them looks just like Ariel's hair in the little mermaid. The other one has a color so close to my real hair color it looks like my real hair with red dyed in the back. I know this picture of them isn't great. However, I am wearing one of them in a picture below and one of them I wore for the vlog video for this week. So you will see them soon.

#3 Two Dots

One night I just felt like trying some new games on my phone. Two Dots was one of the top rated free games so I decided to give it a go. It's a lot of fun and is challenging at the same time. The goal is basically to solve puzzles by connecting dots in a certain amount of moves. It's difficult sometimes but relaxing as well. I am addicted.

#2 Billy Idol

I've loved Billy Idol's music for a long time. However, watching his performance/interview on Guitar Center Sessions last week renewed my love. It was so inspiring to me. His performance was great and the band playing with him was perfection. Jaw dropping perfection! Amazing! I listened to his new album Kings and Queens Of The Underground and it is excellent. I enjoyed all the songs for the feel and lyrically content. My favorite songs were "Can't Break Me Down" and "Postcards From The Past." I related to the first song and the second one just has the coolest lyrics and melody.

#1 Jake Shimabukuro

I got to go see Jake Shimabukuro in concert on Saturday. Jake is an amazing ukulele virtuoso. His playing is so beautiful, amazing, stunning, and inspiring. He really makes the ukulele sing. I was in awe the whole concert. My uncle got us a meet and great with Jake and it was awesome. I've seen him talk on videos on YouTube and on TV and he just seemed so nice. I'm glad to say he is even nicer in person. So humble and inviting to speak to. What more can I say. It was too good. I mean even the lighting design was good. Haha! He played the Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the concert so I thought I'd find a video of him playing that to show you all his epic skills.  I will mention that you need to go find his original compositions after reading this though.

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