Wednesday, June 21, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Love Reading Children's and Middle Grade Books

Talking about books for kids put me in a good mood. Hence, 5 reasons why I love books for that age group.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Short Thoughts On Current Reads June 2017

My little thoughts on current reads. Gosh I'm reading a lot of books at once! Haha!

Last Month's Thoughts: 

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Books and Music

Hello all. It's time for my obsessions for the week. I only really have two so no countdown this time, but I love these two thing none the less.

Finishing Otherland: City of Golden Shadow

I made up my mind that I was going to finish the first book in the Otherland series by Tad Williams this week. I had been reading it for quite awhile, because it's quite long. I was nearly finished so I figured there was no reason not to try to complete it this week. I got it done on Monday. I'm so glad I read this book. It was such an epic beginning to a science fiction story. The world building and characters were amazing. I got the next three books in the series just before finished the first novel, because I've heard that binge reading these books is the best way read the Otherland series. I'm excited to get started on the second book.

Catching Up On Music I Should Have Already Listened To

I've slowly been trying to catch up on albums by bands that I enjoy but haven't listened to much in a few years.This week I took time to listen to Code and Keys(2011) and Kintsugi(2015) by Death Cab For Cutie as well as Oh My My (2016) by OneRepublic. I enjoyed all of these albums. It was fun revisiting these bands. They also just so happened to be great reading music for finishing Otherland. Haha! I'm not sure what albums I trying next. There are so many albums to catch up on.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tunes For Tuesday - Colors of Relationships Playlist

Hello all! I had a very clear idea of the type of music I wanted on this little playlist. However, I wasn't sure what to name it. In the end I went with the title Colors of Relationships, because I feel like these songs are all stories about relationships good and bad.

Colors Of Relationships Playlist

1. Forgiveness - Paramore
2. Stay Young, Go Dancing - Death Cab For Cutie
3. Crying In Public - Chairlift
4. Let's Hurt Tonight - OneRepublic
5. Clean - Taylor Swift
6. Wishing Wells - The Colourist
7. Nancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran
8. Darling I Do - Landon Pigg, Luch Schwartz

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anything But Books Tag

I felt like giving this tag a whirl and telling you some new things about myself.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Books I Enjoyed...But Forget To Talk About

More books that I rarely talk about on my channel that I really enjoyed.

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and Lazy Days

Hello all. Here are my obsessions for the week. Some of them are simple but still nice.

#3 Cleaning Time

This is more a Tuesday obsession, but it's still an obsession so I'm including it. I'm naturally a very messy person. However, in my adult years when things in my personal space get to messy it starts to make me crazy. The craziness hit on Tuesday and I had to get to cleaning. I put on some music and started working through the piled up laundry, cleaning my make-up brushes, and scrubbing my bathroom. Even though I'm not a super clean freak I have to admit that it's great when you get the things in your life neat and tidy.

#2 After Laughter

I finally got around to listening to the entirety of Paramore's newest album After Laughter! I had been listening to one or two songs once in awhile but I hadn't taken the time to listen to the whole thing. Now I can't stop listening to it. I enjoy the direction they went with this new music. It has a vintage flavor to it but it still sounds like the band. There are some amazingly intricate rhythms used in the songs which means you always find a new element to the songs every time you listen to a song. There also some lovely slow songs on the album. I think the instrumentation and melodies on the songs are great in general. It always makes me happy when every song on an album is good.

#1 Lazy Days

Even though I've gotten a lot of things done this week I also feel like I've pretty lazy too. Maybe it's because it has been pretty rainy. That makes me want to just lay around and just read or watch stuff on Youtube. Sometimes this week I did just that. If you have the time it's fun to be lazy once in awhile. At least I made up for my lazy days with a cleaning spree.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tunes For Tuesday - Randomness and Insanity Playlist Vol.8

Hello! I went for another Randomness and Insanity Playlist. A lot of these are songs I haven't listened to in a long time. It made me happy to listen to them again.

Randomness and Insanity Playlist Vol. 8

1. Believer - Imagine Dragons
2. Best For Last - Adele
3. When You Were Young - The Killer
4. All Is Full Of Love - Bjork
5. Headlight Disco - The Click Five
6. Pavement Cracks - Annie Lennox
7. Deep Blue - Arcade Fire
8. I Know You By Heart - Eva Cassidy
9. Together - Tyrone Wells
10. Pressed In A Book - The Shins

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Wrap-up/June TBR 2017

I didn't finish many books in May but I enjoyed reading so here are my thoughts. :)

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Netflix, Reading, Leggings

Hello all. Hope you are all have a great Wednesday. Here are my obsessions for the week.

#3 Santa Clarita Diet

I've been meaning to get around to watching the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet ever since it was released. I am open watching most things with Timothy Olyphant or Drew Barrymore at least once. They are both awesome and hilarious. Since they are both in this series I knew I had to give it a go. Finally I had an opening in my binge watching schedule to add this show in. Santa Clarita Diet is comedy about married couple Sheila and Joel who's lives change drastically when Sheila suddenly becomes an undead zombie. I'm starting to think I have a warped since of humor, because I tend to highly enjoy dark comedies. So far I'm enjoying Santa Clarita Diet. It is a bit on the gruesome side. Yet, I still find the characters and the situations they get into interesting and amusing. The dialogue also tends to give me a kick. I'm intrigued to see how the whole first season of the show plays out.

#2 Finishing At Least One Book In The Month Of May

I usually try to read between 3-5 books a month, but in the month of May I've struggled just complete one book. All the books I am reading are very good, but I was reading quite slow due to focus problems, being busy, and the fact that I was reading some super long books. This week I was determined to finish at least one book in May. Since I was the closest to completing Stephen King's book Lisey's Story I put my focus on finishing it over the week. I used my spare time very efficiently and finished the book on the 30th. It helped that Lisey's Story was a book that I highly enjoyed, and that as the book progresses it is very hard to put down. I'm super pleased that I was at least one book in May. I do hope to finish more in June though. Haha!

#1 Finding The Perfect Leggings

On Memorial day my mom and I went to Big Lots to get some new area rugs for the house. Of course I can never leave Big Lots without getting a few things I didn't intend to get in the first place. One of those things were a couple pairs of athletic leggings. When I got home I tried one pair on and realized they were the perfect leggings for me. I own quite a few pairs of leggings but most of them I can't wear for long periods of time without feeling constricted or itchy after a while. These new leggings are so comfortable. They are made out of just the right stretch fabric that breathes so they are super comfortable to lounge in all day. Plus, they are actually long enough for my legs. I can't wait to try wearing them for dance class because I think that are going to work great. So glad I found these leggings and the best part is that they only cost $4.