Friday, May 18, 2018

Jazz and I both were working with young people the other day on the song “Nature Boy” for her musical theater class performance of the Jungle Book. Jazz taught the Mowgli character some dance movement for “Nature Boy” and I helped the singers with expressive movement to tell the story of the song. I think this number is going to be very special and I could tell the kids really enjoyed themselves.

I watched Jazz choreograph a lovely musical theater dance for her Jazz class. The dancers have some lifts and falls that really make the dance clever and entertaining. I can see they love that some of the moves are challenging. Jazz completed the dance and now all it needs is to be cleaned. (dance term for when you work at getting your dancers to do the moves more in sync and that they are doing the moves correctly.) I have seen these kids work on this dance for weeks and was so impressed with those who had practiced at home. You could see that they had worked hard. This is why Jazz enjoys teaching. It thrills her soul when she begins to see the fruit of her labor of instilling growth of character in the young.

Toodles and stay shiny,

Bryn (rhymes with grin)

Book Adaptation Tag

 I needed to do a quick tag and this one sounded fun. Talking and ranting about book adaptations.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

April Favorites (TV Edition)

Chatting about some of the fun TV shows I started watching in April. Re-watches and new watches a like.

Friday, May 11, 2018

It's About To Get Crazy

It’s about to get crazy around here because of the season of student performances, youtube video filming and the basic living of day today.

Jazz loves working with her kids and  is trying hard not to stress about the difficulty of having students come one day a week for their musical theater class and have them ready to do a 45-minute performance with acting, dancing, and singing. All she can do is give 100% of her time and dedication. Try her best to help build these kids lives and then pray for guidance and direction to get it all done.

Toodles and stay shiny,

Bryn (rhymes with grin)

Vote for May Excerpt Reading

Time to vote for book I will be reading and excerpt from this month. You can choose between Stardust or Harold and Maude. I'm also taking video suggestions.

Intro to Bryn as Jazz's Watson

Hi, Jazz’s blog friends. My name is Bryn. I am Jazz’s mom and I will be Jazz’s Watson. You know, like in the Sherlock Holmes stories. Jazz is a tough gal, but she is also struggling with an illness that takes a lot of energy from her body. So in my desire to see writings on her blog, I will be the active writer. The blogs will be an outside view of musings in the life of Jazz.

Just as Watson and Sherlock are best of friends and have each other's backs, Jazz and I are best of friends and are constantly uplifting one another and aiding each other in friendship.

So, let me introduce myself. I am as I mentioned Jazz’s mom. I am also a musician, private music teacher, singer-songwriter, photographer/videographer and etc. I get bored so I'm always learning new things and keeping myself busy. 😊   Well, I hope you all will enjoy my musings about Shiny Things Reviews and the creativeness of Jazz.

Toodles and stay shiny,

Friday, May 4, 2018

April Wrap-Up 2018

I only read two books in April but I had a lot of thoughts on them. One book was probably the size of two books so I still feel like a winner. Haha!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Fangirl| Book Excerpt Reading

You all voted for a reading of Fangirl, so here it is. It was fun reading from a contemporary book this time. I hope you all enjoy it.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Book Unhaul/Book Replacement Video

I've never made an unhaul video so I thought I would give it a try and a different spin. Here are some books I'm planning on donating for a variety of reasons.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

March Favorites 2018

I feel like I always put these up really late, but I love making them. Here are some of my favorite things from the month of March. Mostly TV shows but some make up. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Vote for April Book Excerpt Reading (vote by April 15th)

Hello all! It time for you all to vote for which book I will be reading a excerpt from for the month of April. This month you can choose between Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell or War of the Flowers by Tad Williams. Get your votes in by April 15th. Thanks!