Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Weekly Obession Wednesday - So Many Obsessions!

Here are the obsessions for this week. Gosh I went from drawing a blank on what my obsession were for this week to coming up with seven. That is just crazy!

#7 "Awesomeness In A Box?"

For years when ever I thought something was awesome I would think "That is awesomeness in a box." I would never actually say that out loud because I thought it was a weird phrase. Especially if something wasn't actually in a box. However, recently I just gave up on thinking it was weird and started using the phrase. I mean it is kind of fun to say. Maybe I'll start a new trend. Probably not though.

#6 Puzzles As Wall Decoration

Yes, yet again one of my obsessions has to do with my bedroom redecoration. I've decided that I should use puzzles as wall decor in my room. First of all I love putting together even the simplest of puzzles. Secondly, I need something to do with them other than shoving them back in the box. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the pictures in puzzles are just so much cooler that most posters. I have never glued/framed a puzzle before but I looked it up on YouTube and it seems pretty simple. I'm excited to hang this beautiful Saturday Evening Post puzzle. I put it together three years ago and it has just be lying around my house. I also got some wacky fun little Marvel themed puzzles to assemble and hang on the walls. I think there is a pun hidden in that last sentence. Avengers assemble. Spider-Man hanging on the wall. Yeah...I'm weird...

#5 The Out-Of-Towners (1970)

This movie was on TCM last week when they were showing a bunch of films written by Neil Simon. It is the story of a married couple from a small town who travel to New York so the husband can go to a job interview. Of course everything goes horrible awry for them. Literally EVERYTHING! This movie made me laugh myself to tears! It was so good and so funny. I ended up quoting the movie pretty much every day this week. I need to get this movie.

#4 Downton Abbey Returns!!!

I've could not stop tweeting tweets about my excitement that Downton Abbey Season 5 started this week. I fell in love with this show last year and have been obsessed with it ever since. Everything about it is excellent. The new episode had so much intrigue that it blew my mind. It was... well...awesomeness in a box.

 #3 This Hat

I wore this hat I made for the About Me Tag video last week and I have worn it almost every day since. It's just very comfortable and cute. I guess I didn't realize how much I loved it until now.

#2 Echomentary Performance Preparation

My mom and I have spent a year working our sound for our duo group called Echomentary. When we can we like to play at my grandpa's assisted living facility. It's a good way for us to work out our performance kinks and it seems to make everyone there happy. For awhile preparing for this little performance has been an obsession. If we weren't practicing for it we were making detailed set list for it. Our hard work paid off. I think we sang and played better than we ever have. Yay! We are hoping to record some of our songs and make some YouTube videos of our covers soon. We might try to do a test video this week or the beginning of the next week. 

#1 Taking Care of My Dog 

As I've mentioned my dog hasn't been feeling that well, and much of my focus has been on making sure he is okay. This week he was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. The good news is that they have a medication they can try to help him. Bad news is that he hates pills. By hate I mean he is so smart he figures out to avoid take them at all costs. I did however figure out how to covertly sneak the pill into his food today. Let's cross our fingers and hope that this still work. I hope it helps him feel a little better eventually.

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