Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and Clothes

Hello all. Here are the obsessions for this week. One obsession that isn't listed but should be obvious is my obsession with take pictures of wacky things. Lol!

#5 Taylor Swift's 1989 Album

Like a large portion of the world I have become obsessed with T-Swift's new album. I mostly enjoy Taylor's music for the interesting lyrical content and clever melodies. This album is no different. The songs are so catchy you have them in your head all day. It's also a good thing you listen to when you're working on something because to the beats on the songs. I have to say that it is worth going to Target and getting the deluxe edition. The extra songs are actually really good. In fact I like some of them better than some of the songs that are on the normal album even though all the songs are enjoyable. I made an artistic Photoshake of my top 7 songs from the album in case you wanted to know what my personal favorites.

#4 Sloggers

My mom bought these garden shoes called Sloggers for when she walks the dogs in places were it is wet. However, she ended up wearing them almost all the time. I tried them myself and thought the were excellent. Thus I ordered my own pair off of Amazon. They rock! They come in wacky fun designs, keep your feet dry, slip on easily, and are super comfortable. What more can one ask for in a shoe?

#3 Player Pro

I've been thinking of ripping some of my CD's and putting them on my phone. However, sometimes when you do that the album art doesn't transfer over. Call me crazy but I want my album cover art. Thus, I needed to download a new application with more customizable options. My mom suggested Player Pro. It's a music application that you have to pay for but it is worth it. Not only can you edit the featured art of the album but you can a edit the titles of the songs. In addition, it has a variety of EQ settings, or you can even customize your own. Shiny!

#2 This Sweat Shirt

While I was at Target getting 1989 I passed the men's clothing section and saw this great sweat shirt. I have been seeing guys on TV with shirts like this one and I always think "Gosh, that looks nice and comfortable." I am I weird? Men just seem to get better nicer looking sweat shirts. I love this article of clothing. It was especially awesome to wear when I was outside in the cold at a football game.

#1 This Striped Hat

I got this hat at Whole Foods. I don't usually get clothes there unless I have a gift card. However, this hat was too cute to pass up and it was set a decent price. I love it. It gives just the right amount of warmth and it looks good with all the clothes I am wearing right now. I wear it almost every day. I wear it when it's not even cold. I wear it inside. I am so obsessed with it.

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