Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Pop Music, eyebrows, and TV

Here's are my obsessions for the week. You've got to love the small things that bring you joy.

#3 The Nick Jonas Album

I guess I just going through a serious pop music phase at the moment. Which is okay if the pop music is actually good music. I have to say that is the case with the Nick Jonas album that came out recently. All the songs have excellent melodies and beats as well as intelligent lyrics. Even the songs that are about the normal pop stuff have an intelligent spin which is nice. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. Even though this gospel version of his song Jealous isn't on the album the video is still very fun to watch so I thought I would include it.

#2 Seva! Yay!

Seva is a beauty place that mostly helps you make your face more awesome. They do facials, eyelash extensions, and eyebrow shaping. I had always wanted to go there but the one that I knew of was really far away. Recently one was opened in the local Wal-Mart in Franklin. Yay! I can finally get my eyebrows shaped which I really wanted to get done. They also removed those pesky hairs on my upper lip. Extra joy!

#1 The 200th Episode of Supernatural

Not sure if this was a weekly obsession but it was definitely Tuesday's obsession. I literally could not wait to watch Supernatural's 200th episode. It was almost all I could think about doing on all of yesterday. Mostly because I was super tired and watching Supernatural after work was my reward. Haha! The episode was about the brothers discovering that a all girls school drama program was putting on a musical version of Supernatural. Hilarious! I loved it! A perfect episode to celebrate 200 episodes and 10 years on TV.

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