Monday, January 12, 2015

Must See Movie Monday - Bandits

Sorry guys and girls. I couldn't find a trailer with English subtitles but I think you'll still get the idea of the film. The songs in it are in English. Haha!

Film: Bandits
Released: 1997
Rated: R
Director: Katja von Garnier
Starring: Katja Riemann, Jasmin Tabatabi, Nicole Krebitz, Jutta Hoffmann
Short Summary: Four female prison convicts form a band to play at the policeman's ball. They use the gig as an opportunity to escape. Insanity ensues when their music becomes popular. Musical fame and being on the run are not two things that mix well.

Why It A Must See Movie

Okay, I'm fully aware that half of the native English speakers are leaving the building right now. Yet again I have picked a German film. Foreign films are movies too. Yes, you will have to read subtitles but to me it is totally worth it. I discovered Bandits in my teen years. It was one of the movies I was obsessed with after I watched it on tv one time. I went on to buy it on VHS, DVD, and get the soundtrack. Like I said I was obsessed and I still love the movie.

The music in the film and the way it is used is a huge factor of why I find the film enjoyable. All the songs drive the plot. They score the action, or reveal something about the characters. Sometimes they are put together like music videos. Not only is this a cleaver way to use music but the amazing part of the film is that the placement of the music never makes the movie seem unrealistic in anyway. The music is just an integral and natural part of the plot.

However, I do think this movie is more than an awesome rock soundtrack. I love how this movie does character development. You know how they say to show and not tell in writing. Bandits does that. They show you everything you need to know about the characters without hashing over it for forever. You really feel like you know these characters which in turn gets you invested in the story.

As with all the movies I've choose for this list I love the performances of the actors and actresses. What I particularly like in this film is that the lead actresses seem so authentic that I don't even feel like they are acting. I also love how the camera work and editing did such an excellent job to showing those acting performances. There are some really wonderful reaction shots in this film.

So if you like music and action with a side of girl power you should try out Bandits. Don't let the subtitles scare you away. At least all the songs are in English so you got that going for you. I realized one day that Bandits was one of my favorite bands. Then I realized that they were totally fictional. Bummer!

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