Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Reading time and Comedy

Hey all! I'm running kind of low on obsessions this week so I only have two instead of three. Thus, I'm not doing my normal count down, because we all know that anything to do with books is always top. Haha!

Taking More Reading Time and Reading Before Sleeping

Lately I've noticed that I've been spending much more time surfing YouTube than reading. Not that there is anything wrong with that. However, I kept wondering why it was taking me so long to finish books, and I realized that was probably why. Even though I have always been an avid reader this week I've found myself being so peaceful while reading so I wanted to read more than usual.  I always read during lunch and dinner time, but lately I've started to make a effort to read more before I go to sleep. I realized that I don't do that as often as I would like to. It turned out to be a great idea. I feel like it helps me settle down and sleep better. Yay for taking more reading time!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I finally got around to watching the CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I admit I avoided it for a while because it was hard for me to get past the title, but then I found out that it was a musical comedy so I decided to give it a go. The story is about an unhappy lawyer named Rebecca who moves across country to be near an ex-boyfriend from her teenage summer camp days. The story and the characters are quirky, wacky, and amusing. The treatments they do for the comedic musical numbers does give me a giggle. I can't see it being one of my favorite shows of all time, because some of the jokes aren't total hits for me. Most of the time I find it quite funny though. The show is fun and worth watching so far. But gosh those songs are catchy. They really get stuck in your head and in my case it's usually a medley of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tunes.

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