Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Evita!!!! And Other Cool Things

Hello all! Before we get started let me tell you what is going on with my blog domain/url. After much trial and tribulation trying to update my payment information for my google custom domain I decided it was best to return to the free Blogger domain. I apologize if this causes in trouble with finding this blog or any links that people have saved. However, with the new set up google has going on I found it almost impossible to fix the domain without buying a totally new domain. I just got sick of the hassle and figured I just go for the free one on Blogger so that at least the first part of the blog link would be the same. Now on to the weekly obsessions!

#3 Poetry and Elementary

I was looking for a new show to watch while working on my magnetic poem of the day. Suddenly the show Elementary popped up in my Hulu suggestions. It seemed like the perfect show for my task. Firstly because it is a literary reference being that it is a modernized version of the Sherlock Holmes story. Secondly it is both entertaining and relaxing all at once. Lastly because I have wanted to catch up on Elementary for a long time. I watched the first two seasons but then lost track of it somehow. Watching the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson is an excellent way to start off my morning.

#2 Magic Grip Hairpins

I noticed that my hair was finally long enough to start doing hairstyles with Magic Grip Hairpins. Whenever I have had longer hair these have been my favorite pins to use to put my hair in a quick bun. You need so few of them to hold either a bun or french twist in place. They firmly without stabbing you in the scalp. Also I have found that do to their size and shape I am less likely to lose them as I tend to do with other types of bobby pins. Yay for Magic Grip Hairpins!

#1 Going to Evita

A local professional theater company in Tennessee called Studio Tenn recently mounted a production of Evita in partner ship with the TPAC (Tennesse Performing Arts Center). A friend of mine got free tickets to openning night and asked me if I wanted to go with her. There was no way I was going to say no to that. It's one of the musicals I am familiar with but I have never seen it live in the theater. I was super excited to see it since there were some big theater names involved in it as well as one of the people who taught my Shakespeare classes. I expected the show to be great but it was beyond great. The whole thing was beautifully excellent. The singing, staging, and choreography were brilliant. I left the theater wanting to see it again. As a plus I got two awesome Evita t-shirts from the merchandise table. They are very stylish and comfortably soft. Overall it was an amazing night!

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