Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Echomentary Work

Hey everybody! Here are the obsessions for the week. Lots of work for the duo singing group my mom and I do called Echomentary this week. Yay!

#3 Allegra

My allergies have finally hit the wall of being unbearable. My eyes itch, I sneeze all the time, and my ears are full of fluid. It is just weird trying to practice singing when your ears is full of fluid. It's like singing under water. After a few days of being partially deaf in one ear I thought it was definitely time to take some Allegra. I've tried several different over the counter allergy medications over the years, and this one just works the best for me. It at least takes care of my eye itching and the ear problem. I still sneeze a lot, but I do that when my allergies aren't bad.

#2 Our Echomentary Busking Sign

Mom and I haven't been out busking yet this year. We did decide that we did need a sign so people will know the name of our group when we do go busking. The job of making the sign went to me, because I am the crafty one in the family. I decided to go full out will foam letters, glitter glue, and even lights. I love how it turned out. I had to do some unplanned art due to the fact that the white out pen exploded everywhere, but the shooting stars that I made to cover it are actually kind of cute. I am quite proud of my sign. I can't wait to use it when we go busking.

#1 Preparing For Making Echomentary Videos

We are planning on making some video of us playing cover songs live and putting them up on YouTube. It's taken us awhile to get around to it because we wanted to do some muti-camera shooting. We finally have three cameras so we are ready to go. Actually setting up our cameras, lights, and sound is probably more of my mom's weekly obsession. She is the cinematographer and sound person of our duo. I am more of a director/editor person. I did come up with a couple of ideas for our set up. Such as filming in a spot in our unfinished attic space, and some ideas for set dressing. Of course I helped carry things up and down the stairs. I'm very excited to get to filming. Yay!

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