Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Enation Concert!!! And So Much TV!

Hey guys! After a great concert experience I spent most of the weekend watching TV and sleeping. Haha! On the obsessions!

#3 Catching Up On TV 

Since it was a long weekend my mom and I decided to seriously binge watch some of our TV shows that we had saved up. The goal was to reach the season finale of as many shows as we could in the weekend. We managed to watch five in total. The Flash, Arrow, The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, and Once Upon Time. We then proceeded to rate our watching experience based on if the season ended on an up note or not. The Originals won in that respect even though the drama was serious. Yay! Five series down (technically six if you count the fact that I finished watching X-Files on Netflix). I think we still have at least six or seven more shows to catch up on. We are currently on the last few episodes of Bones.

#2 Wolfblood

I was turned on to the British show Wolfblood by my mom. She found it on Netflix and could not stop talking about it. I have to say it is awesome. There is a lot to love about it. As you can guess it's a show about werewolves. However, it a little different because in this series you are born with the wolf gene and not bitten. Hence the term Wolfblood. I like the things they do with the mythology on the show. I think that it is great that it is a teen show that adults can enjoy very easily as well. An extra plus is that the episodes are only half hour in length. Making it easily to slip in an episode really quickly in to your schedule. I'm pretty addicted to this little show.

#1 The Enation Concert!

On Friday I got to go to the Jonathan Jackson and Enation concert. It was awesome! Those guys played so brilliantly. Their album is great but live their sound is extra amazing. Holy crow! Jonathan Jackson can sing so high, and he plays really difficult guitar and piano parts while singing that high. Richard Jackson (the drummer) and Daniel Sweatt (the bass player) were totally in sync and wacky good.

The only weird part of the concert was that I think a lot of people came to the concert because Jonathan Jackson is an actor on the show Nashville. I love the TV show but I genuinely love the band's music as well. I couldn't believe that people hadn't at least listened to one of Enation's songs before going to the concert. My mom and I had to tell people what their sound was like. People assumed because he plays country on the show that their band was country. They are defiantly a full on rock band. It was kind of strange but I didn't let it mess up my concert experience. I still grooved and sang along to all my favorite songs like I always do at a concert. At least the show was sold out and people got introduced to what their music is like.

I was an excellent experience. After the show we go to meet Jonathan and Richard. They were super nice people. Mom and I made sure to tell them how good their band was and talk with them about their music even though we didn't get to speak with them long. Now I really want their album in vinyl.

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