Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Blu-rays and Hair Days

Hello all! Hope you are having a happy Wednesday. Here are my obsessions for the week. I obviously watched a bit more TV over the holiday weekend, but I didn't fall into the binge watching abyss this time. Haha!

#3 Between

After quickly finishing the last season of Robin Hood over 4th of July weekend it was once again time for me to find a new tv series to watch. I decided to try something more serial drama/mystery oriented this time. I picked the Netflix original series Between. Between is a series that centers around a small town where all the adults age 22 and over start mysteriously dying. I have to say that it captured my interest with its high level of intrigue. It gives me a Stephen King story type of vibe. I'm think there are going to be some crazy reveals on this series as it goes on, and I am excited to see what they are.

#2 Merlin On Blu-ray!!!

If you have been following this blog lately you know that my obsession with the TV series Merlin is crazy. My mom is equally obsessed and so she got the box set of all five seasons on Blu-Ray. Of course that meant that we had to watch the whole series for a second time. Even though we just finished watching it all for the first time a few weeks ago. The great thing about the show is that it never gets old. I perfectly happy to watching again. Plus, in Blu-Ray it is extra beautiful. I swear that I can see every thread of the actors costumes. Wow! I can't wait to watch the Blu-ray behind the scenes extras.

#1 Natural Hair Growth Research

As I mentioned last week I am growing my hair out. I would like to grow it as quickly as I can naturally. Thus, I have been searching for various blog posts and YouTube videos for advice. The good news is that I already take all the vitamin supplements I need to help with hair growth. I just needed tips on what to put on my hair to help it grow. I discovered many oils you can put on your hair to promote healthy hair growth such as argan, coconut, rosemary, jojoba, and even olive and grape seed oil can be great for your hair. I'm hoping that these oils and other natural hair treatments will help with my dandruff problem as well. I am so sick of dandruff! I'm also planning to try a few of the homemade hair masks that I have discovered. They seem lovely. However, I can tell that my hair has already started growing quickly by just putting the oils on it. Shiny!

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