Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Being Human Fangirl

Hey everyone. Here are the obsessions for the week. Let's go on with the show.

#3 The Shins

If you couldn't tell by yesterday's playlist recently I've been into listening to The Shins. I haven't listened to their music in a long time. I'm talking years. There was no particular reason for not listening. There is just a lot of music in the world and I go through phases. However, I recently remembered how wonderful it is to read while listening to The Shins. Thus, I end up spending a whole day reading and listening to every one of their albums. I had forgotten how quirky their song titles and lyrics are. I like that about them. The Shins are one of the few artists that can get away with not always following song form. It's interesting. I also like that their music is both easy going and fast paced. I don't know how they do it, but it's awesome.

#2 Being Human U.K.

For some reason I just feel weird if I'm not binge watching a British show. This time I choose to finally try to complete the original U.K. version Being Human, A wacky drama/comedy about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost who are roommates while trying to make their way through life in the human world. My mom and I kept trying to watch it together and then we get distracted by other shows and don't finish it. I think it's because the plots are very complex as the show goes on. It's really important to just watch it consistently or you start to forget what happened. It was becoming slightly silly to me because we had no problem finishing the U.S. version of the show, and the U.K. version is equally as awesome. A little different but still flipping awesome. Mom and I finally just decided that we needed to watch it separately. I'm watching it all first though. I'm currently on season two. I love how the show can be both heart-wrenching and funny. The actors in it are just so amazing at navigating the two moods.

#1 Fangirl

Ever since I joined BookTube I've heard other YouTubers talking about Rainbow Rowell books. Everybody seems to love Rainbow Rowell novels so I decided to give them a go. I actually intended to read Rainbow Rowell's first novel Elenor and Park first, but changed my mind and decided to read Fangirl first. Mostly because I was feeling a little under the weather and it seemed like a book that would make you forget that you were feeling semi-sick type of book. By the way it is that type of book. Once I started Fangirl I couldn't put it down. I finished quickly and actually wanted more when it was over. It had the perfect mixture of humor and deep emotion. The characters were so easy to relate to. I definitely love how Rainbow Rowell writes. I'm excited to eventually do a book review video for Fangirl. I've started Elenor and Park now and I can already tell I'm going to love it.

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