Monday, December 21, 2015

Must See Movie Monday - The Muppet Christmas Carol

Film: The Muppet Christmas Carol
Released: 1992
Rated: G
Director: Brian Henson
Starring: Micheal Caine , The Muppets (Okay just kidding but seriously there are several talented people who do all the Muppet voices.)
Short Summary: The Muppets put their own spin on the Charles Dickens' classic about a miser's redemption on Christmas Eve.

Why It's A Must See Movie

Yay! It's the week of Christmas! Thus, I decided to talk about one of my favorite holiday movies The Muppet Christmas Carol. I'm well into adulthood but my parents and I still make it a point to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol every year. My dad and I know it so well now that we could probably quote almost the whole movie, and in fact we do.

The first reason I think people should watch The Muppet Christmas Carol is that it is one of those rare children's films that can appeal to both children and adults. It's quick witted humor and jaunty tunes are something the whole family can enjoy. The dialogue is so funny, cleaver, and quotable. I find the music so endearing and well written. It a great mixture of comedy and emotion which is excellent. The melodies can be everything from peppy to slow and moving. All of them are fun to sing along with.

The movie is a great way to introduce children to a well know classic story. In addition it is a great way to introduce young people to the brilliance that is Micheal Caine's acting. I've always felt that it takes skill to act really well with The Muppets and he does. Perhaps when kids are older they will be inspired to check out some his other amazing movies as I was. The movie adds to it's awesomeness by casting the Muppet characters as the Christmas Carol characters well. It just makes sense that Kermit would be Bob Cratchit and all the other choices make sense as well. They also make the fun addition that Gonzo is Charles Dickens and he is narrating the story to Rizzo. Gonzo and Rizzo are a comedy duo that is tough to beat in children's cinema. They are the best kind of crazy.

Basically if you are someone that likes The Muppets you need to give this movie a go. I suggest watching the director's cut version as opposed to the theatrical version if you can. The director's edit includes a lovely song that was edited out in the theatrical version solely because it was a little sad. I've always found the movie has a rather obviously awkward edit in that section of the film without that song. Plus, I love that song and they reprise it later in the movie. It wasn't that sad for pity sake. I watched it as a child and I wasn't scarred by it. Anyway, according to IMDb the extend version only exists in VHS, Laserdisk, and the fullscreen viewing on the DVD. Why don't they have the option on Blue-ray? I think it's weird. Anyway ignore my mini-rant and watch The Muppet Christmas Carol this holiday season.

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