Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - History and Humanity (Not as deep as the title sounds. Lol!)

Hello all. Here are the obsessions for the week. Yay!

#3 The Search For A Historical Fiction Book 

This week I was suddenly struck with the mood to read a historical fiction book. I'm reading a Steampunk book which is close, but not an exact fit. I searched my Scribd app relentlessly for a historical fiction book that caught my fancy. It literally took hours. After a couple of false starts I think I finally found the right book. It's a YA book about Mary Queen of Scots. I'll let you know what I think of it when I finish it. 

#2 Breaking Bad

On the search for a new binge watch to view with mom and dad, we decided to finally get around to watching Breaking Bad. The show about a ailing chemistry teacher who out of desperation for money decides to cook Meth with his former student. Oh my gosh! This show is so crazy in the best way. Everything that could possibly go wrong for the characters goes wrong. It is wild and occasionally hilarious to see how they get out the multiple problems. The character development is amazing. I also like how out of the box the structure of the show is and how they use imagery and foreshadowing. 

#1 Preparing for Mom's Student Concert

My mom is a teaches music lessons and she decided to put on a couple concerts in our house for her students to perform. I have of course been gladly enlisted to help with singing and playing instruments with some students as well general preparation for the show. It's very time consuming but really fun. It's great to help the students how to learn perform and grow. 

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