Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Sun Room In Summer (Plus My New Fan Video! Breakfast At Tiffany's and The Graduate Crossover )

Hello! It's time for my obsessions for the week. They are simple but they bring me joy.

#3 Listening To Audio Books At Meals

I usually do most of my reading while eating lunch or dinner. I like to multi-task I suppose. Lately I've been needing to use my reading glasses to read, and I don't like wearing them while eating. To solve the problem I have started listening to my audio books while eating. In a way this is a better way to go. It's more hands free at any rate and it is very relaxing. Right now I'm listening to the audio book of The Girl On The Train. The characters are interesting so I'm intrigued to see where the story goes.

#2 The Sun Room

It has always been my mom's dream to have a sun room, so my dad and she decided to replace deck and have one built. After several weeks of work it is all finished and we could add some furniture and other decor. I'm obsessed with spending time in the sun room now. It's an excellent way to get some sunshine and the feeling of the outdoors without going out into the hot summer weather.  It's also a nice place to be at night. You can see the moon and some stars. I'm so glad that my parents decided to build it. It's a very comfortable and happy place to be. The pictures don't really do it justice. It's even prettier in person.

#1 Editing My New Fan Video

I enjoy watching crossover fan videos on YouTube. For those of you that don't know a crossover video is when fan editors take clips from two different shows or movies an edit them in such a way that they both look like they are part of the same world. I particularly like seeing what kind of relationships people come up with if characters from other fandoms could meet each other. I enjoy these videos so much I decided to attempt to make one myself.

I thought about what movies I had clips of and what crossover couples interested me. I decided my favorite out of my choices was to imagine what would happen if Holly from Breakfast At Tiffany's and Ben from The Graduate were in a relationship. They are both quirky characters that often feel disconnected from the world. I figured they might be fun to put together. Plus, both movies were made in the 1960's so they have a similar look. This week I set to work editing the movies together in a way that made Holly and Ben look like a couple. If you can suspend reality a little I think what I came up with works. I feel like I did a decent job for my first crossover. It was at least a fun experiment. It's super cool because I've been wanted to make a video set to a Lorde song for a long time and I finally have. I hope you all enjoy it and find it amusing. Hopefully you will be inspired to watch both these movies if you haven't yet.

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