Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Top 5 Obsessions of the Last Few Weeks

Hello all! As you know I missed posting the Weekly Obsessions post for the past couple of weeks. Mostly because I was super exhausted because of a couple physical issues. Things are going great now though. If I listed all the things I've enjoyed over the past few of weeks the list would go on forever. Thus, I decided to go for my top five favorites.

#5 Super Long Leg Warmers

One of the things I was dealing with a couple weeks ago was hamstring tendinitis. It has healed up pretty nicely but the experience stressed to me the importance of keeping my leg muscles warm when I'm teaching dance class or taking a dance class. I realized that I didn't have any leg warmers that went up over my hamstrings, so of course I went on Amazon a ordered a pair of red long leg warmers. I love these leg warmers so much! They go almost all the way to my hips, and they have done a great job at keeping my legs warm. They are also super soft which is always an extra plus.

#4 Parachutes In Vinyl

Coldplay's album Parachutes was been on my Amazon wishlist for a while. I always check my wishlist to see if anything has dropped in price. A couple of weeks ago Parachutes dropped to 30% off. It was the perfect time to order this album. I really enjoy reading to Coldplay's music and I love reading while listening to vinyl records playing. Thus, Parachutes is a great addition to my collection.

#3 Melodrama by Lorde

I started listen to Lorde's new album Melodrama not long after it released. What makes me so happy about this album is that I enjoy it just as much as I did her first. I love it when a music artist keeps staying awesome. What I love about Melodrama is that it's feels kind of like watching a movie. The song writing has a cinematic structure that puts across strong imagery and the album has a great cohesive theme. I also love that the melodies of the songs allow for Lorde to do some new and different things with her vocals than what I heard before in her other work. It's one of those albums where if you listen to it many times over you always hear something new and different in the songs.

#2 The Breakfast Club Soundtrack In Vinyl

Since I was able to get the a fore mentioned Parachutes for such a good deal I figured I had room in my vinyl budget for one more album. It turned out Amazon has another long time wishlisted album on sale. That album was the soundtrack for the film The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club is one of my favorite films. I had to have the music from the movie in vinyl. I really enjoy this soundtrack and not just for the popular 80's tunes it features. I also like the instrumental synth songs the soundtrack features. It's a great listen in vinyl and as a plus I got it in limited edition "dandruff"white. I kid you not that is exactly how Amazon describes the color and every time I think about it I laugh. Movie reference!

#1 Re-reading Anne's House of Dreams

A couple Sunday's ago I went to visit my grandpa with my parents. He lives four hours away so we usually drive there in the morning, spend time with him, and then drive home in the evening. I thought the perfect book to bring with me on the road trip would be Anne's House of Dreams which is the fifth book in the Anne of Green Gables series. I love Anne books so much! They are great road trip books because they aren't super long and they are just feel good books. Even though I haven't re-read the series in a long while I've always remembered Anne's House of Dreams being my favorite of the series. It's safe to say that it is still my favorite. Not only do I love Anne and Gilbert, but the supporting characters in House of Dreams are the best. It was a wonderful read for traveling though I was smart enough to pause reading when I got to the one part that makes me cry, and waited to read the rest of the book when I got home. Haha!

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