Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tunes For Tuesday - Red, White, and Blue Playlist

Hello all. I let the July 4th holiday inspire my playlist for today. I picked out some songs that featured the words red, white, and blue in the title. It's a crazy little playlist but I think it fun. Happy 4th of July!

Red, White, and Blue Playlist

1. Red Dirt Girl - Emmylou Harris
2. White Flag - Dido
3. Blue Jean - David Bowie
4. Red Light - U2
5. White Wedding - Billy Idol
6. Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey
7. Red Eyes - Switchfoot
8. White Flag - Joseph
9. Blue Skies - Blue October
10. Red Hot Lights - Moon Taxi
11. White Teeth Teens - Lorde
12. Blue Ridge Mountains - Fleet Foxes

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