Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Am I Too Old For This? And Other Musings

Hey all. Here are my obsessions for the week.

#5 Season 2 of Mako Mermaids On Netflix

Last week they added new episodes of the Nexflix Original show Mako Mermaids. This is a spin-off show to the Australian show H20: Just Add Water. Mako Mermaids is basically the opposite in premise as H20. H20 was about human teens who became mermaids. Mako Mermaids is about teen mermaids that have to live as humans. Now I'm not sure that I would call Mako Mermaids a guilty pleasure, but it comes as close as I get to enjoying a guilty pleasure show. First of all I'm pretty sure I'm too old for this show which is geared to children and pre-teens. Secondly I don't think it is quite as enjoyable in terms of story lines as H20. However, I like the occasional short kids show and I like Mermaids. So I was really interested in watching season 2 of this series. I consumed all 13 episodes in just three days. The season ended with a good cliff hanger. It kind of reminded me of Ocean Girl for some reason.

#4 Downton Fashion

 Okay. I know I'm talking about Downton Abbey again. What can I say? I think it is literally my favorite show next to Firefly. Anyway, I am obsessed with the fashion on the show lately. I mean the fashions are always beautiful. However, I feel like this season the dresses and hats are even more beautiful than usual. I particularly just want to own a whole collection of Downton Abbey hats. Amazing!

#3 Princess Jellyfish

I took a short break from anime, because I couldn't find one that struck my fancy. However, I decided to give Princess Jellyfish a chance. The premise of the show is strangely difficult to explain. (Click Here To Read About It on Wiki.) Let's just say that it is unusual, but in a good way. I thought this anime was hilarious. It gave me a true giggle while I was snowed in a little bit for most of last week. All the characters are so adorably awkward and easy to relate to. My only problem with it is that I wanted more of it. Why only one season anime makers? Why??!!

#2 Comics On Scribd

Scribd is an application for your phone or tablet that is kind of like Netflix for books. You pay a monthly fee and you can read as many books on their database as you would like. It's lovely for us serious readers. Recently they added comics and graphic novels to the database. I am so happy! It's a little bit cheaper that buying a bunch of graphic novels at the store or on Comixology. Plus, my Comixology is a little bit on the fritz since my account went wonky when they were purchased by Amazon. The timing couldn't have been better for Scribd to get comics, because I was very much in the mood to read one this week. Decided to go with a Thor collections of comics, because I'd never read one before. Plus, I wanted to read something light.

#1 Random Facts About Real People 

It all started with my obsession with Helen Keller quotes. Which lead to me wanting to read her book to find out more about her. You know all the extra stuff that you don't get to see in The Miracle Worker. So I started her book. It has some really beautiful imagery in the first chapter by the way. Which is amazing because she was blind.

 Then I got inspired to look up interesting facts about other real people. I ended up spending an hour or so just looking up facts about Marilyn Monroe online. There were a lot of things about her that I didn't know. For example she allegedly had an IQ of 168 and she was dyslexic. Apparently she accumulated over 400 books in her short life time. I kind of would like to read some books about Marilyn as well. Despite the fact that she had a very sad life. I like learning random facts about real people. I think it's going to help my writing to know about the quirks that real people have. I am obviously very quirky because I went from Helen Keller to Marilyn Monroe in a very short span of time. Haha!

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