Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Simplistic

Hey everyone! I feel like my obsessions are not super exciting this week, but I'm still obsessed with them.

#3 Cleaning and Getting Rid Of Stuff

My parents and I are planning on moving to a new house. The house we've picked out is a little bit smaller. That means we are going to have to get rid of some of our junk and furniture. In addition I have gotten a few new articles of clothing. My rule since the big room clean of 2014 has been that if I get new clothes I have to give some away. So I've been doing a lot of sorting and chucking of stuff. I figure you might as well clean a little bit while doing that type of thing. So I did a little bit of organizing and laundry week. Since I was actually in the mood to do that type of thing for once, it wasn't a hardship.

#2 Tasty Bites One Minute Pad Thai Noodles

I have loved these Tasty Bites noodles for the past few months, but this week I have been truly obsessed with them. I have literally eaten these noodles for lunch every day this week. I think it is because I'm going through a phase where I don't want to eat meat at lunch. These still have bit of protein in them because they contain nuts. If I want meat for some reason I just mix some lunch meat into the noodles. Another reason I think I'm obsessed with this food is because of general laziness. They only take a minute to cook and you don't have to add water or anything. You just tear the corner of the pack and microwave it. Awesome! They taste great too.

#1 Staying Indoors

It is so ridiculously hot and humid outside. It's almost unbearable and gross to spend too much time out of doors. When I do go out for a long while I'm totally wiped out later. Thus, I have been trying to spend as much time inside as I can. It has worked out well since all the activities I want to do like reorganizing and reading are perfect things to do indoors. I have gotten so much reading done this week. Shiny!

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