Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and Hobbits

Hey all! It's time for weekly obsessions. Let's go!

#3 Working On Playing Bar Chords Better

I'm actually fairly good at playing bar chords on the guitar, but I figure there is always room for more technical improvement. I also want to work on going up the guitar neck with my bar chords. The reason for that is that I'm sick of playing songs with a capo unless I absolutely have to. Capos are so difficult to keep track of. Plus, some songs just sound better if you can play the harder bar chords instead of using a capo. It's hard work but it's a lot of fun when I get it right.

#2 Avicii

I've always liked listening to a few of Avicii's songs. However, this week I realized I had never listened to an entire album of his. I took time to listen to both his albums True and Stories. I love them! Every song is good. I love how the music mixes so many styles together. If you listen the lyrics are always interesting. Avicii also samples interesting sounds that surprise and intrigue my ear. I listened to both albums nonstop over the week. Not only do I love the music but it is the perfect music for unpacking boxes. Yay!

 #1 The Hobbit

I was shopping at Target and of course I could not resist the book section. I found this adorable pocket edition of The Hobbit and I had to get it. I realized that I had never read The Hobbit on my own before. My knowledge of the story was solely from when a teacher read it to us in grade school. I figured it was high time I gave it a read on my own. I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is just such a fun adventure and it occasionally give me a giggle. It's made me want to give Lord of the Rings another spin. I kind of want to get the pocket editions of all the Lord of the Rings book too. They are just so very nice and hobbit sized.

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