Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - You Can Never Have Enough Chairlift or Tea

Hello wonderful people. Hope you are having a happy Wednesday. Here are my obsessions for this week.

#3 Ponytail With My Hair! Yes!!!

If you've been following this blog for awhile you know that I've been trying to grow my hair out quickly since around August of last year. It has grown pretty quickly but I have been impatient to be able to put my hair in a ponytail. I discovered several interesting hair styles to do with length of hair I had but the pony tail remained elusive. I decided this week to give the ponytail a try. Finally I was able to make something resembling the hair style. It still requires some clips an bobby pins, but it works enough for me to happy with it for now. I may have done a small dance of joy when the pony tail happened the first time.

#2 The New Tea I Didn't Need To Get but...I Got It Anyway

I didn't need to get anymore tea. To give you a better idea of how this statement is true I have to tell you to the full gravity of my tea addiction. I have already filled a 100 tea bag tea organizer and two jars with individually wrapped tea bags. I have nine boxes of tag-less tea bags. Plus the Earl Gray tea I can make with my Tassimo coffee maker. Add on the full leaf Tazo Mint Mosaic tea that I talked about last week, and you see why I don't need anymore tea. However, I went into the tea aisle in the grocery store to get more Mint Mosaic and got sucked into acquiring more full leaf teas. Opps! I decided to try another Tazo full leaf tea called Orange Chiffon. Then got Coconut Chai and Italian Chamomile in a brand that was new to me called Zhena's. You need a tea infuser for the Zhena's tea. It comes in glass jars with a cute wooded spoon to put scoop the tea into the infuser with which is handy. I love all my new teas even though I feel a bit guilty for giving into my addiction. Oh well, I have to put my new kettle to use don't I? At least my full tea collection looks pretty in pictures.

#1 Chairlift's Moth

One of my favorite musical duos Chairlift came out with a new album last Friday. I was so excited. I enjoyed their new album Moth immensely. I thought it was great that they mixed a variety of styles into their music even more so than they usually do this time around. They have some cool chord progressions and bass lines on this album. As always all the songs have their own mood and flavor which is something I always appreciate about their songs.  I think they make some of the best electronic music out there. They are just so talented.

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