Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tunes for Tuesday - My Writing Playlist

Hello all. Usually when I work on typing up my poetry book or writing a blog post I put on some music to keep my inspired. Hence, I thought it would be fun to put together a playlist specifically for writing. I find that songs with a strong beat seem to work best for when I write, so this playlist contains many beat driving tunes. I made the playlist last just a little over a hour so that I will have to sit and focus on writing for at least close to that amount of time.

My Writing Playlist

1. Writing to Reach You - Travis
2. Believe - The Bravery
3. Romeo - Chairlift
4. Slip - Elliot Moss
5. No Light, Not Light - Florence and The Machine
6. Burn The Pages - Sia
7. Scared - Delta Rae
8. Boomerang - Walk Off The Earth
9. Cinematic - Jonathan Jackson + Enation
10. Fast As You Can - Fiona Apple
11. Noah - Amber Run
12. Body and Soul - Tori Amos
13. Bliss - Muse
14. Stressed Out - Twenty-One Pilots
15. Safest Place - Echosmith
16. Postcards From The Past - Billy Idol
17. Until The Levee - Joy Williams
18. Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

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