Monday, February 8, 2016

Must See Movie Monday - The Secret Garden

Film: The Secret Garden
Released: 1993
Rated: G
Director: Agnieszka Holland
Starring: Kate Maberly, Heydon Prowse, Andrew Knott, Maggie Smith
Short Summary: After being orphaned by an earthquake in India young Mary Lennox is sent to live with he reclusive uncle in England. This leads to her discovering her bed ridden cousin, a new friend, and a secret garden full of wonder.

Why It's A Must See Movie

Last night I was struck with the need to watch one of my favorite movies The Secret Garden. It could be that I just wanted to see more Maggie Smith after watching Downton Abbey last night. However, I also feel that I was in the mood to watch a movie that is about the magic of friendship.

I love that The Secret Garden is one of those solid movies for children that one can love into adulthood. As a kid I saw a beautiful story about love, friendship, and acceptance. As an adult I find that I can appreciate the story and how well the story is expressed in this film. I feel that the characters are written and acted with so much depth in this movie. A thing that is not often done well in movies for young people, because I often feel that people feel the need to dumb things down for children's movies. This movie doesn't do that. The writer, director, and actors show that both adults and children can have layers and depth. This allows the film to be something everyone can enjoy. The movie is an excellent adaption of the novel. Of course they changed some elements but the spirit of the novel, and most of its events remain intact which makes me so happy.

The Secret Garden features amazing cinematography. Not only did the film capture fabulous landscapes but it also plays a vital part of the story telling in the movie. There are so many camera shots that express elements of symbolism and foreshadowing. There are also some lovely transitions from scene to scene with the editing. In addition I feel that the film has an excellent score. I particularly like the musical pieces written for the garden scenes. They sound just like a beautiful garden which makes the garden seem even more magical.

So if you are in the mood to watch a heart warming movie about the magic of emotional growth and friendship The Secret Garden is the movie for you. I also highly suggest reading the book. Both of them make me smile.

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