Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - One Word...Crossword Puzzles

Hello All. It's Weekly Obsession time! I hope their aren't many typographical errors in this post. I'm not feeling very well which is why I could only think of two obsessions. I still figured I would do my best because I didn't want to skip today. I hope you all have a happy day!

#2 Finishing My Goodreads Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
JazzRJ has completed her goal of reading 36 books in 2016!

At the beginning of the year I signed up to read 36 books in the year for the Goodreads reading Challenge. This is one book more that the 35 I challenged myself to read last year. In previous years even though I usually ended up reading at least 40 books I was still scrambling to meet the challenge in the last weeks of November and sometime even December. However, this year I decided to make sure that I read at least four books a month. For the most part I have been able to meet that goal. It turns out this was an effective technique. One day I looked and I only needed four more books to complete the challenge. I thought since I was in a comic book mood anyway that I could easily read four 100 to 200 page comic collections and complete the challenge this week. Yay! I did it! I finished 11 books ahead of schedule. That has never happened before. This is awesome! Click

#1 Crossword Puzzles

My obsession with crossword puzzles began with a printer experiment. My mom noticed that our printer had a crossword button and pressed it to see what it did. It turns out it if the printer is connected to the internet this button causes the printer to print a daily crossword puzzle. The only thing is that once she pressed that button the printer ended up printing one automatically everyday. Basically we ended up with a ridiculous number of crossword puzzles at out disposal. First mom and dad started working at them together. Then I joined in. Now I'm addicted. As soon as we finish one I start another one. I will spend the longest time hyper-focusing on a crossword. Oh well, at least I'm working my brain and it's a fun family activity. I'm not super good at solving them yet but I think I'm getting better.

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