Sunday, October 23, 2016

X-Men Character Book Tag

I was inspired to make my own X-Men related book tag that centers around the characters in from the comics, animated series, and movies. Of course I didn't cover every X-Men character because there are a ton, but I think I have a question for a lot of the main ones. Hope you all enjoy it and if you do this tag let me know.

X-Men Character Book Tag Prompts

1.Professor X - A book featuring a great mentor.
2.Cyclops - A book featuring a traditional hero type.
3. Jean Gray/Phoenix - A book featuring a character with an alter ego or split personality.
4. Wolverine - A book featuring an anti-hero.
5. Storm - A book where the main character has an ethnic background.
6. Magneto & Mystique - A book featuring a character with strong political views.
7. Rogue & Emma Frost - In the comics both of these characters started out as villains and then became heroes. Pick a book with a character that goes through a dramatic change throughout the story. (If you can find one where the villain becomes a hero or a hero becomes a villain that is extra cool!)
8. Gambit - A book featuring a character that dabbles in crime or games of chance.
9. Shadowcat - A book you want to read but keep passing by.
10. Beast - A book featuring a highly intelligent character.
11. Bishop - A book featuring time travel.
12. Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch - These characters are twins. Pick a book about twins or siblings.
13. Nightcrawler - Nightcrawler grew up in the circus. Choose a book that centers around the circus, carnival life, or acrobatics.
14. Bonus Question: If you could be a X-Men character what would your powers and nickname be.

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