Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and Books

Hello all. Here are my obsessions for the week. They are all lovely.

#3 Speak For Yourself (Deluxe Version) by Imogen Heap

I love Imogen Heap's music. My favorite album of hers is "Speak For Yourself." Even though I own the CD of this album I recently discovered a the Deluxe Version on Spotify. This edition includes all the songs from the original album as well as instrumental versions of all the songs. It such a fun way to listen to the album. I haven't listened to this album in a while so it's like I'm rediscovering my love for it again. This album makes me so happy.

#2 The Wicked Soundtrack In Vinyl

My mom and I made a recent trip to Barnes & Nobel. I always check out what they have in their vinyl stock. While looking at the soundtrack section I found the soundtrack for the musical Wicked in limited edition green vinyl. I knew I had to have it. I love the musical Wicked! I have been in the mood to listen to the soundtrack. Now I can listen to it in vinyl. Yay! I must say that the green they used for the vinyl color is an extra plus. It's a beautiful emerald shade.

#1 New Pretty Books!

While mom and I were at Barnes & Nobel we went on a full on book buying spree. We were looking for some nice editions of some of our favorite books as well as some books we hadn't read yet. We purchased quite a few of the Barnes & Nobel Collectible editions as well as a cool annotated edition of Pride & Prejudice. I'm so excited about all the new books. I can't hardly wait to read or reread them. They also look truly lovely on the book shelf. I can't stop looking at them. You can tell I'm obsessed because I took so many photos of them. Haha!

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