Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Weekly Obsession Wednesday Mostly In Pictures

Hello all. I wanted to do a weekly obsessions different from the normal write up, because I had a rather different week due to a weekend of Halloween fun. I also got some cool books that I'm excited about and want to share. I remembered that one time around this time of year I did my Weekly Obsessions post mostly in pictures. I thought I would try it again. There is no count down this time because everything was equally awesome.

Hanging Out With My Friend Katrina at the Pumpkin Fest

My friend Katrina had never been to Downtown Franklin, so I invited her to Pumpkin Fest. I showed her around and we did some shopping. We had so much fun. We both went in costume and took this picture before we left. She's Emma from the show Once Upon A Time and I'm Rogue from X-Men. 

Book Shopping

Katrina and I are both readers so we couldn't pass up buying some book at a small local bookstore while we were at the Pumpkin Fest. I love the new editions of the The Bell Jar and The Great Gatsby that I found. I loved reading those books. I'm also love the fun edition of Northanger Abbey I bought. I'm excited to read it for the first time. 

My Dogs In Costumes

I dressed my dogs up in costumes for Halloween night to greet the kids coming for trick or treat. Since I was dressed up as a comic book character I dressed them as Thor and Supergirl to match. They actually seemed to love getting dressed up. Not very many kids came to our door, but it was still worth dressing them up just to get these cute pictures of them waiting for the kids to show up. Haha!

50th Anniversary Edition of The Outsiders

When I found out that this cool 50th Anniversary Edition of The Outsiders was coming out I had to pre-order it on Amazon. It arrived as promised on November 1st. I am so excited to own it. I love this book! I'm also very excited to check out the new bonus material included it this new edition. I love the cover design as well. Yay! 

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