Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - I'm Learning Italian! And Other Small Comforts

Hello all! I decided to take off for a few weeks for the holidays, but finally I am back to doing my Weekly Obsession posts. One of these obsessions is more like a three week obsession but I still wanted to include it. Haha! On with the show!

#3 Jordana Glow 'N' Go Highlighter Stick

I was in the Walgreen's make-up section and found new product on display. It was the Jordana Glow 'N' Go Highlighter Stick. I had been looking for a new drugstore highlighter because the one I had wasn't brilliant. I decided to give this Jordana one a go. I'm so glad I did. It is lovely. It gives my face just enough highlight to brighten my look, but it still looks natural. It also is very quick and easy to apply. I'm so happy with it that I'm thinking I will try out the brand's cream contour stick sometime.

#2 Foam Wedge Pillow

I got a new futon bed for Christmas from my mom and dad, and thought since I was getting new bed gear I would ask to get the same foam wedge pillow that my mom has. My new foam wedge pillow is awesome. It gives me better body alignment while sleeping, because it goes further under my body. When I lay down with the foam pillow and one other pillow my head lays in the perfect angle. It's also great for just propping my head up when I want to read. I love it!

#1 Learning Italian With Memrise

A few weeks ago my mom and I decided to make a serious effort to learn to speak Italian. I was going to learn French, but I quickly discovered that it wasn't much fun if I couldn't speak it with anyone else. I figured it would be much more fun to learn Italian with mom and than we could practice speaking it with each other. My mom found a great language instruction app for our phones called Memrise. We have tried some other language instruction apps but think Memrise is one of the best. It's has some excellent ways to quiz you so that you remember words easily. It also doesn't go too quickly. Where as a feel like many other language instruction teach you like almost like you already know the language. Best of all I like that Memrise makes learning a new language fun. I still use some other language learning tools to but Memrise is the one I use most.

I enjoy speaking the little Italian that I know now. It's the kind of language that just feels good in your mouth when you say the words. So far I think I spell in Italian better than I do in English. A fact that gives me a giggle. I also had to laugh once when a woman at the cashier at Hobby Lobby asked me how I was and I almost said sto molto bene (I'm very well). I had to apologize for pausing because I had to remind myself to answer in English. Haha!

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