Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Hair and Favorite Books

Hey everyone. Here are the obsessions for the week. If you follow me on Instagram these probably aren't that new to you, but they are my obsessions regardless. I'm writing this really late at night so if there are any typographical errors or weird phrasing moments in this post I apologize.

#3 New Hair Color

I haven't been up to keeping up the maintenance of the red hair color that I've had for nearly two years. Plus, it was slightly damaging my hair. Since my roots were getting pretty obvious I thought that I should dye my hair back to something closer to my natural color. That way my hair would at least be all one color. However, I got in the store and realized I just couldn't make myself buy some boring dark brown hair dye. So instead I decided to try out the  L'Oreal Paris Deep Violet color. I like how it turned out. In certain lights my hair does look like it is a very dark violet, but most of the time it looks like an off black. It's pretty fun. However, what I liked most about this box hair coloring system is the shampoo and conditioner that came with it. It made my hair so soft and shiny. It's the best condition my hair has looked in a while. Awesome!

#2 New Wig

You all know I love a new wig. My mom and I recently discovered a new website that sells clothes and wigs called Light In The Box. We decided to try their service out and see if we liked how they delivered and the quality of their wigs. So we ordered a couple of wigs from them. I'm really into the gray with black roots look so I ordered one in that color. Light In The Box delivered the products we ordered really well and in great condition. I love not only how my new gray wig looks but how it feels. The wig cap is very comfortable and the synthetic hair is the silkiest feeling synthetic hair I've ever touched. It's going to be a great way to change up my look.

#1 Winter of Fire In Hardcover and The Wrinkle In Time Bind Up

Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan is probably my favorite book. I read it for the first time in 6th grade, and I have loved it ever since. I think I love it because the lead female character is so strong, and it always inspired me to have strength when facing obstacles. In my last couple re-reads of the book as an adult I realized how well loved my paperback copy of Winter of Fire is. In fact pages are falling out and I was always afraid of losing them. Thus, I have wanted a copy of the book in hardcover for years. The only problem was that this amazing book is no longer in print. Getting this book at all for a reasonable price is tough. However, due to my new love of looking up used books on Amazon I found a like new ex-library copy of Winter of Fire in hardcover for a price I was willing to pay. It arrived on Tuesday and I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent condition the book was in. I'm so excited to have a copy of my favorite book that I can re-read without having to worry about the pages falling out. I'm still going to keep my old paperback copy for the endearing memories I have of reading it. After I finished it for the very first time I wrote my name in it along with my grade and the year I finished it. That is just too adorable for my to get rid of the old copy. I really wish this book was still in print. It's so amazing and I think many people would enjoy reading it.

Over the weekend the bind up of all five of the books in The Wrinkle In Time Series by Madeline L'engle that I ordered from Amazon arrived. It's was lovely in photos but it's super lovely in person.

It's cloth bound, has gilded blue pages, and the ribbon bookmark is my favorite color lime green. Plus, I got a rediculously good deal on the price on Amazon. I got it for less than 50% off of the normal price. I'm excited to re-read this series. I also realized recently that I've never read the 5th book Acceptable Time so I'll get to read that for the first time. So many of my favorite book arrived this week. It's so shiny! 

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