Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Eyeshadow and More Bookish Things

Hello all! It's time for weekly Obsessions. I only have two this week so I'm doing away with the countdown this time.

Tome Topple Readathon Plans

As some of you know I decided to join the Tome Topple Readation from April 7th - April 20th. The idea is to read as much as you can of books 500 pages and over. Since the readathon starts on Friday I have been really into making reading plans for the next two weeks. More specifically finding some other people in the Tome Topple group on goodreads to read A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin with. It is such a big book that I thought it would be more fun to read and discuss it with other bookish people. I did find some people to read with and now it's just down to working out the details of how we are going to read and chat. I'm also going to be reading it with my mom. Yay!

Other than reading A Game of Thrones I'm also hoping to start reading Otherland Vol. 1 by Tad Williams, Lisey's Story by Stephan King, and the graphic novel Zot by Scott McCloud. It's an ambitious list so I'm making a game plan to help me at least start some of these. My goal is to at least finish Zot and finish the most of if not all of A Game of Thrones and Otherland. I just want to start Lisey's Story a little because my mom has been recommending it to me for years. Haha!

Rediscovering My Love of This Eye shadow Palette

I go through phases with make-up. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing much and others I feel like going all out. I'm in my all out make-up moment lately. Which means I'm back into wearing eye shadow. I got the Real Colors Everlasting eye shadow palette in Bright shades a while ago, but I have recently rediscovered how much I love it. The bright colors are fun to play with and the shadows are so high pigment. Lately I really love using the light green/teal color with either the blue or purple. These bright colors on my eyes just make me happy.

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