Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - The Epic Ukulele Search, Small Comforts, and Christmas Gift To Myself

Hey people. I could only think of three obsessions, but all three have been pretty big obsessions. Haha!

#3 Reusable Coffee/Tea Cup With Knitted Owl Sleeve


I found this cup and sleeve by accident at the grocery store and fell in love. The sleeve is just so cute. Not only that but it is the prefect cup for what I like to call the super tea season. I always like tea but I drink it even more in the winter. I'm sipping peppermint tea out of this cup right now. 

#2 I Want A Vinyl Record Player!

All week all I could think about is how much I want a vinyl record player. I suppose I've always wanted one, but I think it will such and excellent addition to my room redecoration. Plus, I think I've been inspired because one of the characters in the book I'm writing has an extensive vinyl collection. If the fictional person in my head can have an extensive vinyl collection I want one too. Anyway, when I first started looking I was kind of bummed because a lot of them were fairly expensive, or at least for someone who is broke like me. I reevaluated what I wanted and went looking on Amazon again. I found one that I could afford. It might not end up being perfect, but it has some good reviews and is in my price range. It's my Christmas gift to myself. If I love it it probably show up on the weekly obsession list again. Now I just need to start my vinyl collection. 

#1 The Epic Ukulele Search

My mom and I decided that we play the ukulele enough that we need to upgrade to some better quality tenor ukuleles that are electric. We don't have thousands of dollars to spend so we aren't going to the top of the line, but we do want something much higher in quality than we have. Our first choice was to get two Oscar Schmit electric tenor ukes. Amazon only had one so that didn't work out. Then we went to a few music stores to see if they had electric tenor ukes we liked or if they could order the ones we were looking for. No luck in that department either. Then we thought we might get the ukuleles in the Luna brand, because that was our second choice. Ironically Amazon only had one of those in stock too. So we thought lets just get one Oscar Schmit and one Luna. I think we might have solved our dilemma. Let's all cross our fingers. Mom and I really want to have these ukuleles so we can play you all some of our music.   

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