Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Gifts and Furniture

Hey everybody! Here are all the things that I'm obsessed with this week. Of course most of them are awesome Christmas gifts I had to share.

#5 Seasonal Teas

I got these two seasonal teas by Celestial Seasonings last week. They are Gingerbread Spice and Sweet Harvest Pumpkin. They both taste so good it's ridiculous.  Gosh, I love a good seasonal tea. It just makes me happy.

#4 New Furniture

My bedroom is at the point where I can start getting some furniture to organize the space. I went to Big Lots and got a rolling table with cloth drawers and a cubby shelf for great prices. I felt quite accomplished that I could assemble both of them in one night and put some of my things away in them. I'm so excited that I finally have a place to display my Spider-Man book box, 70th Anniversary Gone With The Wind DVD set box, Audrey Hepburn coffee table picture book, and some of my other knick knacks.

#3 Hello Kitty Over-sized Throw

This awesome and fun Hello Kitty throw was a gift from one of my students. Not only is it adorable but it's warm. When I get cold it the perfect thing for me to snuggle in and it has been very cold lately.

#2 Gifts From The Family

I hung out with the extended family over the weekend. It was super fun to chat and just be around everyone. That was the best gift. However, the aunts, uncles, and grandpa got me some very excellent simple gifts. The gifts consisted of a very cool Audrey Hepburn shirt, Body Scrubs, a cute decorative ballet shoe ornament, a Bath and Body Works gift card, and of course the always lovely gift of money which I plan to spend on expanding my record collection. I love all the gifts. My family knows me so well.

#1 Harem Pants!

I asked my parent to order me a few pairs of harem pants for Christmas. I am obsessed with wearing haren pants right now. They are so comfortable but they look a little nicer than sweat pants. They look good with most of my favorite shirts. They also go with any type of shoe I might want to wear. I went online and wish listed a bunch of harem pants that were under $8 on Amazon. I got these three pairs not long after Christmas. I am so happy with them. They are even better than the two pairs I already had that cost more. Joy!

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