Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - New Ukes and Getting Orgainized

Hey everybody! Here are the obsessions for this week. I am seriously focused on all three of these things.

#3 Getting Organized

I'm trying to be much better about staying organized in both my room and bathroom. The thing about my room is that I need a lot more storage that still looks fashionable. I've been obsessed with looking at organization magazines and searching the internet for ideas. I'm looking at some fun colored baskets and interesting boxes.

#2 Painting My Room

I mentioned before in my rant about my messy room which I wanted to clean so I could repaint. The room is 98% clean. Thus, I feel I can look into paint colors so I can try to paint it next week. I know that I want to paint it some shade of lime green, because it is my second favorite color. My favorite color is teal but I think that might be too dark in my already kind of dark room. I haven't gone to the store to look at colors but I have been very involved with looking at designs that use that wall color online. Here are some shades I've seen that are interesting to me, but I have a feeling there will be so many more options when I actually go to the store. What do you guy think of the colors?

#1 We Finally Got The New Ukuleles!

My mom and I finally got our new electric ukuleles. We are so excited! One is an Oscar Schmidt and the other is a Luna. The fact that we couldn't get two of the same brand actually worked out for us, because both have two different yet amazing sounds. That way there will be some sound layers in our music when we play. In addition to the fact the sound awesome they are also very pretty to look at. I am so happy with them. I literally can not pass them without picking up one of them and playing. Yay!

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Michael Sladden said...

The colors I like best are the two on the left.