Monday, January 19, 2015

Must See Movie Monday - Notting Hill

Film: Notting Hill
Released: 1999
Rated: PG-13
Director: Roger Mitchell
Starring: Hugh Grant and Julia Robets
Short Summary: An average English book shop owner falls in love with the biggest movie star in the world.

Why It's A Must See Movie

I haven't picked a quirky rom-com in awhile and I felt that I should. Plus I had a rather eventful weekend and needed the hilarity and joy that Notting Hill can bring. I don't care if some people might classify it as a chick flick I still think everyone should see it at least once.

For me what makes Notting Hill awesome is the fact that the script and actors did a great job and creating such a variety of unique characters. They are just adorably awkward, occasionally unusual, and just good fun to watch. I like that a good deal of the comedy in this film comes from the characters just being their wacky selves. That makes the comedic moments not seem forced in any way.

I love the dialogue. I particularly love the cute witty banter between the two main characters. I love when a romantic comedy shows you why two people would work well together as a couple, and this movie uses the dialogue to do that. On a similar note I like that the movies shows different types of relationships and why they work. It's just a little icing on the cake.

This movie is a really great example of how to show time passing. They got very creative with montages and other editing techniques, and ended up with an awesome product. The movie also contains perfectly chosen music for these scenes.

If you want a good laugh, some quirky characters, and just a really cute love story with memorable moments Notting Hill is the movie for you. I highly suggest you watch it after an eventful weekend. It really does put one in a good mood.    

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