Monday, January 19, 2015

Tunes For Tuesday - Music Video Spotlight - Jealous by Labrinth

Weirdly I got completely stuck on coming up with a playlist for today. So I thought I was time to return the Music Video Spotlight segment to the blog this week.

I decided to pick Labrinth's Jealous music video. I've been meaning to share this video for awhile. I just find it so beautiful. It's not beautiful because it's full of effects, paint, and showbiz. It's beautiful because of it's simplicity. The video focuses completely on the artists performance of the song. The cinematography captures that performance in an amazingly interesting way. The result is genuine emotion. It's just rips my heart out in the best way. That sounds strange doesn't it, but it's true. I think I will try to listen to some more of Labrinth's music this week.

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