Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Musicans with Stage Names and A Documentary

Hey everyone! Time for this weeks obsessions. I feel like this week was about discovering something new and I did.

#3 America Declassified

Netflix has put up a bunch of new documentary programs recently. You know that I love when that happens. They have added more Travel Channel and History Channel 2 programs. I decided to try out watching Travel Channel's America Declassified. The show explores America's secret locations as well as some of it's conspiracy theories. I find it so very interesting. I'm extremely addicted to watching it. I actually have been choosing to watch this instead of some of the fictional shows I could be watching.

#2 Labrinth

Last Tuesday I said I was going to listen to more music by Labrinth, because I love his song "Jealous" so much. I set out this week to do just that, and listened to his EP release "Beneath You're Beautiful" which has six wonderful songs on it. I love his music to pieces so far. I really enjoy the lyrical content. I like that the songs explore both deep feelings and joyful things. I think the beats on the songs are tasty. That is the only way I can describe them other than using the word awesome. I also love how his voice is mixed. They didn't overly layer a bunch of effects on his voice even on the more dance oriented songs. I think I can only get a full album of his from amazon UK at the moment. So unfair! Say it isn't so!

#1  Hozier

I had heard Hozier's song "Take Me To Church" in passing, but I had never taken time to really listen to his music. Then I watched his performance on a talk show I was watching on YouTube, and I got inspired to listen to his self titled album. I must have listened to this album three times in a row on Saturday. I love how his music mixes so many genres together. I found his lyrical content very compelling. The song definitely have a poetical feel in terms of lyrics. I like the sort of dark mood of the whole album. It's a great album to write or read to as well.

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