Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music Edition #3

Hey everybody. Here are the weekly obsessions. I'm actually going to do a count up instead of a count down this week because that is what inspires me at this moment. Enjoy this musical experience.

#1 Echosmith Concert!!!

Obviously the obsession of all obsessions this week was going to the Echosmith concert. I seriously have not been able to talk about anything else for days afterward. It was an amazing experience. They played in a very small venue so the sound was great. You could actually see their facial features and what they were doing when they were playing. You can tell how hard they work at playing their music well. My mom and I danced and sang along like crazy people. I got a kick out how Noah (the bass player) danced like a crazy person as well. I thought he was going to knock his sister and front singer, Sydney, in the head more than a few times. Luckily he didn't. Haha! Here are some fun pics from the concert and of our Echosmith merchandise which we love. By the way, get their album on vinyl if you can. It sounds awesome. Oh, and check out their new music video for the song Bright.

#2 The Colourist

The band The Colourist was the opener for Echosmith. I am usually very wary of opener bands because sometimes it can be a hit or miss listening experience. However, this band was a hit for me. I thought they were amazing and immediately wanted to go listen to their self titled album after the concert. I love their musical style. Their songs are not only melodic and catchy, but I like that the songs are written in a very conversational way. I also think it's awesome that they have a female drummer (Maya Tuttle) that super talented and can sing at the same time. Girl power! I've woken up everyday since Saturday with one of their songs in my head.

#3 Jonathan Jackson + Enation

This was a band that my mom brought to my attention. This band features actor Jonathan Jackson, his brother Richard Jackson, and their friend Daniel Sweatt. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their album Radio Cinematic. I love the instrumentation in their music. It contains a lot of talent and emotion. I love how poetic the lyrical content of the songs is, and how every song has it's own mood. I always think lead singers of bands that are also actors are extra awesome. I feel like they can really act the songs which adds a new level to the music.

#4 The New Imagine Dragons Album

The new Imagine Dragons album is finally out!!! I took the time to listen to Smoke + Mirrors yesterday and it was excellent. I was worried that it wasn't going to meet up with my expectations. However, it definitely did. It has has a great feel to it. That is the best I can describe it. Wonderful rhythms that you just FEEL. Of course the instrumentation and vocals are wonderful as well. I will certainly be listening to this album again and analyzing the lyrics more. The album totally inspired me today. By the way this music video is really innovative and cool. Shiny!

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