Monday, March 16, 2015

Indie Film Spotlight: In Your Eyes

Hey everyone. Before I get started I'm going to explain this new segment. While I love the Must See Monday blog post I've found that I occasionally want to talk about something else. However, I still wanted to chat about movies on Monday on this blog. I realized that there are so many independent films featured on Netflix that I would be interested in reviewing. Thus, I have decided to review one of those films every once and awhile. I think I'm going to switch off every other week with this segment, but I'm not sure yet. Anyway, on with the show.

Film: In Your Eyes
Released: 2014
Director: Brin Hill
Writer: Joss Whedon
Starring: Michael Stahl-David, Zoe Kazan
Short Summary: Two people from different corners of the United States discover that they have a telepathic bond which allows them to see, hear, and feel the others experience.  

My Thoughts

I very much enjoyed watching In Your Eyes. As I hoped that I would, because the premise of the story was just too interesting to pass up. What I think is cool about this movie is that it has a premise that is very supernatural in nature, but it wouldn't be very expensive to make. Most of how the telepathic connection is shown is with camera shots and simple editing tricks. However, the result is really quite effective.

 I like to that the film doesn't waste time trying to explain why this telepathic bond exists. I know for some people that would probably make them crazy. However, I liked this element for a couple of reasons. First of all it doesn't slow the movie down with a ton of exposition, which allows the plot to have tension in other elements of the story. Basically things happen because the characters look pretty insane talking to themselves. Secondly, it allows you as an audience to get to know the characters themselves and for them to get to know each other. I suppose it makes the connection more genuine as well because the characters become so connected that they don't really care why it works. That facilitates the romance component of the film. I know I've said it fifty times, but I'll say it again. I love a quirky romance! Hey, it's romance without getting to mushy or predictable. I just have to love that.

I must give the two lead actors kudos. Though the main characters do have conversations through their telepathic bond they don't share the same space for the majority of the movie. This means the in actuality they spend much of the film acting and reacting to themselves instead of the other actor. I would be really interested in knowing is these actors had the other actor there to read lines off screen or something to that effect. Still there are moments where one character is getting hit in the face and the other has to feel the effect of it and fall in a similar manor. Which is cool but kind of difficult to do in practice.

With independent films it can be kind of the a hit or miss experience. This one was a hit for me. I think if the idea of it sounds remotely interesting to you then you should give In Your Eyes a watch. It's a film that keeps you interested and has a nice soundtrack to boot. I do so love when that happens.

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