Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wedneday - Black Soap? Music! New Tech! Oh...And My Mom Is Awesome!

Hey everyone! Here are the obsessions for the week. Weeee! Let's get to it.

#3 Ghosttown by Madonna

 I have to admit that I don't dig every song on Madonna's Rebel Heart album. However, I do like the songs that have an alternative pop sound. My favorite song on the album called Ghosttown. I am obsessed with this song. I think the lyrics are wonderful. I love the beat and melody. Most of all I love that it has a lot of different movements in the arrangement. 

#2 Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

 I really struggle with adult acne and backne. Thus, I am always looking for new products to help me out. One of my issues is that I'm have a slight allergy to the medications that are usually used to cure acne, so I've have use natural products and oils. One product I use is Yes To and it works really well for me. I saw at Wal-Mart last week that they had a activated coal bar of soap in that brand.

I've always heard that activated coal soap worked really well for acne, but I had never tried it before. I did a little bit of research on it and apparently activated coal is supposed to absorb toxins, dirt, and oil. So when you use the soap it acts a magnet for impurities and then you wash them away.  I thought I would give the Yes To brand of the coal soap a try. After a week of using it I feel like I already see a difference in my skin. I'm hoping it will continue working this well over time. Plus it might be very cost effective in the long run because a bar of soap will last longer that bottles of cleanser.

#1 Samsung 4 Tablet!!!

My tablet and has been on the verge of dying for a while. It really did need a new one, but I was planning on waiting to get one. I wanted one that was a bit smaller than my old one because then I could comfortably read on all my different reading applications. My mom is decided to get a new tablet for an early birthday present to herself (her B-Day isn't until April 8th). My mom is kind of like a hobbit and likes to get gifts for other people on her birthday. (It kind of makes sense because she is short, joyful, and hobbit shaped.) She offered to get me a tablet too. I took her up on her offer because you can get a pretty reasonable deal on the 7 inch Samsung 4 tablet. I love it! It is the perfect size for reading and watching my Netflix/Hulu which is what I mainly wanted to use it for. I literally could not stop reading all weekend on it. I finished two books in one day. Awesome! THANK YOU MOMMY!!! YOU ROCK!

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