Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Songs and Shakespeare

Hello awesome people! Here are the obsessions for the week. Weee!

#3 Hello Kitty Limited Edition Pez Collection

 I was shopping at Wal-Mart. While I was waiting in the checkout line my eye caught this adorable Hello Kitty Collection of Pez dispensers. I'm not a huge Pez dispenser collector but I do love Hello Kitty stuff. Hello Kitty things just make me happy. Which is really funny because I have never watched the cartoon. I'm afraid that I won't like it and it will ruin my joy of collecting Hello Kitty stuff. Haha! Anyway, the tin box the dispensers are in is just so cute. I'm not even going to open the box and eat the candy. I'm just going to use it as decoration in my room. I looks perfect next to my Care Bears.

#2 Learning Echosmith's Bright

I decided that Mom and I should add Echosmith's song Bright to our cover repertoire. Mostly because the song is sweet and has a great melody. Plus mom and I don't have a song in that key yet. I thought it would be super cool if I learned it on my banjolele, because it literally has a "bright" sound. However, figuring out this song has been a bit of a challenge. All the chord websites have different and slightly wrong chords. So I watched video that the guitar player of the band made to show you the play the song. Turns out the confusion is because the guitar player in the band tunes the guitar a half step down. Obviously I can't do that on my banjolele. However, the video did still help me a great deal. I was only missing a few chords when I was playing the song and I just needed to make sure everything transfered into a flat key. Yes! Now I just need to practice it and figure out some chord inversions. I'm also obsessed with learning "Safe and Sound" from the first Hunger Games Soundtrack on my own. I didn't list that one though because it was way easier to figure out.

#1 Shakespeare Uncovered

I'm finally getting around to watching the entirety of series 2 of the PBS show Shakespeare Uncovered. The show usually has an actor who has played or plans to play a character in a particular Shakespeare play host each episode. Each episode takes you through the history of the play, the psychology of the characters, and the many interpretations of the play. I love this show so much! I find it so intriguing and it inspires me. The best story telling is contained in Shakespeare. I introduced the show to my mom this season and she loves it too.

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