Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - The Time Change Is Killing Me and Other Actually Cool Things

Hey everybody! It's time for this week's obsessions. It was a bit of a slow obsession week so only three obsessions this time. Enjoy!

#3 Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear Album

I haven't listened to much of Sia's music up to now. I don't really know why because every song of hers I've heard I've liked. I guess it was just one of the those so much music so little time moments. Anyway, I realized I was too obsessed with her song Elastic Heart from the 1000 Forms of Fear album to not give the whole album a listen. I love it. I really enjoy her vocal style and lyrics. The lyrics are very outside of the box at times but still fit in the electronic pop genre. All the songs have musical composition that is cool and interesting. I love the beats on the songs. I just keep listening to this album over and over. I'm listening to it right now. Plus, I get a kick that all her performances and music videos for this album so far have this performance art modern dance theme. That is totally the type of dance I grew up doing or have seen in performance many times.

#2 Arrow

 Last week I talked about how I am now in a recording and binge watching phase with my TV watching. This week it was time for me to catch up on Arrow. Oh my gosh! So much crazy is happening on that show. I am so glad that I recorded so many episodes so I didn't have to wait from week to week. There were a lot of epic surprises. The fight choreography just seem to get more and more awesome as the show goes on.

#1 The Time Change Is Killing Me

I don't know that this is exactly an obsession but it is a crazy thing in my life. You would think that because of losing an hour due to the time change I would want to sleep in. Nooooo! I am the one person in the world that actually keeps waking up extra early. I keep waking up at 5 a.m. What is that? I don't get it but I hope that things even out soon. 5 a.m. is just too early. I think the comic strip above says it all.

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