Monday, May 18, 2015

Must See Movie Monday - The Station Agent

Film: The Station Agent
Released: 2003
Rated: R
Director: Thomas McCarthy
Starring: Peter Dinklage, Patrica Clarkson, Bobby Cannavale
Short Summary: When his only friend dies, a man born with dwarfism moves to New Jersey to live in solitude. However, his plans for solitude are dashed when he meets a chatty hot dog vender and an artist dealing with personal tragedy.

Why It's A Must See Movie

The Station Agent is actually a movie suggestion of my mom's. She has been on me since last year to watch this movie. I finally found it on Netflix last night and gave it a watch. I have to agree with her that it is a must see film.

This is a film where not much happens in terms of action, but so much happens in terms of the emotional story arch for the characters. It is a movie that takes three odd people, puts them together in a situation, and lets the magic happen. I love how the characters change each other and learn something from each other. This movie is a bit of a rarity in terms of how it explores friendship. There are several films about the creation romantic relationships, but few about creating enduring friendships.

The the naturalness of the actors in The Station Agent is wonderful. They all knew how to play the characters and just be them. You never get the since that they are trying too hard. It's an excellent thing to watch. It make their wacky characters believable.

I also love how the movie uses music and silence. Both are use at the perfect moment and it adds to the energy of the movie. I think another plot element that is great is the use of the character Fin's knowledge of trains. It's an element that brings characters together and makes the dialogue intriguing. The film really does have some nice lighting, and visually interesting sets and locations.

Basically I loved this movie. My mom made and excellent suggestion and it turn suggest it to you. If you like wacky characters, semi-reluctant friendships, and nice mix of comedy and drama, you will probably enjoy The Station Agent.

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