Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - It's All About That Bass...Not The Song The Instrument

Hey everyone! Here are this week's obsessions. Yay!

#3 Brainstorming For A New Thursday Blog Topic

You have probably noticed that I haven't posted anything on Thursday for a long time. I used to do Youtube Video of the Week that day. However, I fell out of love with doing that segment. I wanted do a Thursday post about something I'm passionate about. I spent some time last week brainstorming and getting advice from my mom. We finally came up with a good idea. I realized that this blog is called Dancing, Dreams, and Shiny Things. I often talk about dreams and shiny things, but I rarely talk about dancing. Thus, I came up with a segment that I plan to start this week called Thursday Dance Topics. It will be a post dedicated to dance in some way every week. It will either be an interesting video, picture, or just something that I decided I wanted to write about on the subject of dance. I'm excited to give it a try and see what I think of for each week.

#2 The Flash

Yep, I am still recording most of the shows I watch on the DVR and then binge watching them. This week it was finally time for my mom and me to binge watch The Flash. Mostly because we came very close to getting some mildly spoiled on the show by watching Arrow. Also, we just love the characters on The Flash, and we just missed seeing them. The storyline is getting some crazy twists. The visual effects and camera shots on the show are just impressing me lately. Awesome!

#1 Playing The Bass

I can kind of play the bass, but not very well. The reason that I can only kind of play it is because I really don't work on it as much as I should. This week I made up my mind to change that. I really do need to get more familiar with the instrument so that I don't have to look down at it all the time when I'm playing the bass and singing. Plus, I want to just be able to play along with songs without having to think about it or having my mom show me how to play something. I think I've figured out how I can find better times to practice so I just need to keep up the good work. 

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