Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - Music and Colorful Things

Hey everybody! Here are the obsessions for the week. I feel like everything was about being colorful this week. Yay!

#3 I Actually Painted My Nails

I often get annoyed trying to paint my nails. Which is why I usually end up putting on press on nails to make my nails look nice. However, this week the opposite thing happened. I just wasn't in the mood to pick out press on nail sizes. So I decided to try to paint the nails this week. I have been watching some videos on YouTube to help you paint your nails better and I wanted to see if the tips worked. I have to say that they did. Yay! I decide to paint my nails my favorite color lime green and add a sparkle top coat. I think it's pretty, and the paint hasn't chipped yet. Shiny! It actually took a couple of days to get used to just having my normal nails though. I'm so used to doing things with press ons. Haha!

#2 Finishing The Marilyn Monroe Puzzle

I wanted to do another classic Hollywood puzzle to complement my Audrey Hepburn puzzle. I decided to go with this awesome Marilyn Monroe puzzle. I think this puzzle is wonderful. I love the bright colors. The picture features several Marilyn Monroe quotes written across it in beautiful calligraphy. I think that was such a cleaver idea. I like reading her quotes. She had an interesting way of saying things. Some of my favorite quotes from the puzzle are: "Dogs never bite me - Just humans" "First, I have to prove to myself that I'm a person. Then maybe I'll convince myself that I'm an actress" "An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine. A money machine."

#1 Walk Off The Earth's Sing It All Away Album

If you couldn't tell by yesterday's post I am excited about the release of the new Walk Off The Earth album. I have literally been counting the days until it came out. I finally have it and it is awesome. Every single song is good. I love all of their quirky lyrics and original sound. This album makes you want to sway and dance. I feel like they did even more with the vocal harmonies than they did on their first album which is awesome. I love how the songs are either empowering or positive. This album makes me happy. Even the cover art makes me happy. It's so colorful. Since I already posted all the Walk Off The Earth videos for this album yesterday I thought I would post a video of this contemporary dance choreography set to their song "Rule The World" today. I love how athletic this dance is. Beautiful dance and setting.

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