Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - A Creative Mind

Hey all. Moving has gotten me feeling very creative this week. Which is super exciting!

#3 Origami

My origami obsession started with two things. I recently found an origami book that I forgot that I had along with a little bin full of old origami creations that I made. Then my mom asked me if I could make her a paper crane mobile, because she has always wanted one. I told her I would be glad to if I could master folding the crane. I had always struggled with that one. Turns out solutions was just a matter of finding the right directions to help me fold one correctly. I had so much fun making cranes I thought I would try a few other origami creatures. I decided to try to make a dragon. It's a hard one to fold but after some practice I could do it. Now I can make myself a paper dragon mobile. Shiny! For good origami instructions with videos check out http://www.origami-instructions.com/

#2 Wishlisting on Amazon a.k.a The Modern Way To Window Shop

Sometimes I just feel the need for retail therapy. The problem is that I don't feel like spending any money. When I get this feeling I start getting addicted to putting stuff on my Amazon wishlist. I've been know to put everything from clothing to craft materials to books on my wishlist. I was seriously addicted to this activity this week. How could I not be? It's all the joy of searching and shopping, but you haven't spent any money yet. The things you want saved are on the wishlist so that when you can buy something you don't have to look it up again. Of course sometimes when I get to crazy I have to go back a few weeks later and delete stuff that I will never use off the wishlist.

#1 Home Decorating

My mother has made me the decorator of our new house. It is not a skill that either of my parents are interested in. However, when I am inspired can tend to get a obsessed with decorating. As some of you might remember from my bedroom redecorating last year. Luckily I like the most of the paint colors in this new house. The only room I might paint is my room just for fun. Most of my job for the other rooms will be figuring out where the furniture and pictures will go, creating storage, and maybe doing some fun decorative crafts. I'm very excited about it.

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