Monday, September 7, 2015

Indie Film Spotlight - October Gale (2014)

Film: October Gale
Released: 2014
Writer/Director: Ruba Nadda
Starring: Patricia Clarkson, Scott Speedman, Tim Roth
Summary: A doctor escapes to a remote cottage to deal with the death of her husband. Things get crazy when she takes in a mysterious stranger who has been shot, and discovers his would be killer is on his way to finish the job.

My Thoughts

I was in the mood to do a Indie Film Spotlight this week. I haven't done one in some time. I figured I would shake things up. Last night I went on Netflix and chose to watch one of the newer independent films they put on stream October Gale.

I think many people will at least find October Gale interesting as long as they don't go in to it expecting an epic thriller. I went into it with no expectations and for the most part found myself entertained. I feel that trailer is fooling, because it does depict it as a thriller. I didn't feel like it completely was. Half of it is quiet and thoughtful. The other have does have an element of suspense, but in an understated way. I felt that the film was more about two main characters dealing with loss and the mistakes they made more than anything else. The action element was there so that the characters would be pushed a new direction in their lives. The movie gave me a experience similar what it feels like when you are reading a short story. I think that it is meant to be taken that way.

The movie could be considered a bit slow, but I didn't feel that it was done in a way that made it boring. Every scene propelled to the next. I didn't get that feeling I occasionally get in indie films where I feel like half of the movie could be edited out. Every scene in October Gale severed a purpose even if it was a flashback. I think of the goal of the film was to create a mood to keep the viewer's interest. In that respect I felt that it was successful. This movie does a excellent job a shaping a mood. It uses well placed music, well placed silence, and wonderful camera work to accomplish this. If you are looking for something to study for cinematography this movie might be something you want to check out. For both beautiful landscape shots and shots that convey the emotion to the scene.

I was drawn to this film mostly because I am open to watching anything with Patricia Clarkson or Scott Speedman. Considering both of them are in this I had to watch it. Both actors always manage to be in a film that at will have interesting characters, and this film is no different. All the actors did an excellent job at shaping their characters. Which was very important in this film, because it doesn't have much dialogue and the backstories of the characters have to be inferred by the viewer. Which made them interesting to me because it kept me wondering what the characters had going on in the parts of their lives that I didn't get to see.

Overall, I found this film intriguing. Even though it wasn't extremely fast paced it still kept my interest from start to finish. It didn't blow me away with amazement, but it is a good solid movie. I would watch it more than once just for the acting and cinematography alone.

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