Monday, September 14, 2015

Must See Movie Monday - Marnie

Can I just say that I love old Hitchcock film trailers, because I really do.

Film: Marnie
Released: 1964
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: Tippi Hedren, Sean Connery
Short Summary: Marnie is a habitual liar and thief with deep psychological problems. Mark marries her regardless of these issues, and tries to help her confront her buried past.

Why It's A Must See Movie

If I was asked for a list of films that defined my teen years Marnie would definitely be on that list. I was obsessed with it as a teen, and I still love it now. It is a highly underrated Hitchcock film that not many people I've met know about. I think that is because when the movie was originally released the critics were not fans of the film. I believe the reasons why the critics of the past didn't like this film is exactly why modern audiences will enjoy this film. It's is a movie that deals with the underlining reasons why criminals are motivated to do what they do. It doesn't hold back much when explaining how those broken people became broken.

What I love about Marnie is that it is a film that deals with the psychology of it's characters. All of the characters are layered an complex. The way Marnie's psychological issues are depicted is so visceral that you as the audience are constantly wondering what happened to her while simultaneously you are learning to understand her. One also gets an interesting psychological view of the character of Mark. Thenmovie explains exactly why a man like him would want of take responsibility for mental health of someone like Marnie. It's not simply because he feels sorry for her. He also loved the challenge of getting her to trust him. I love watching this psychological drama play out. Not just between Mark and Marnie, but also between the two main characters and the supporting characters. It's a interesting approach to suspense, because much of the suspense in this film comes from what motivates the actions of the people the story. Instead fighting a villain they are often battling with themselves. It different and that is why I like it.

I also think this an excellent film to watch for making characters that could be considered fairly unlikable very likable. No one in the film is perfect. They all have their displeasing moments of questionable decision making. However, because the actors are so charming and the script is well written and directed you never find yourself hating the characters. In fact I find that I feel a deep sympathy for them.

I enjoy many of the technical elements of Marnie. Not only is the dialogue witty but the choices with cinematography and editing do an excellent job at expressing all the things that are not being said. There is an excellent amount of focus put into the reactions of the actors to situations in the film. This keeps the viewer engaged in the scenes and moods the filmmakers endeavored to make you feel during the film.

So if you are looking for a psychological suspense check Marnie out. It is definitely one of my favorite films. I never get tired of watching it. I think it is crazy awesome and I hope other people do too.

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