Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - "Charming" Musical Fun

Hello all. Here are the weekly obsessions. They are all very fun and fancy free because I needed that after moving a bunch of heavy furniture. Haha!

#3 Best Coast

This week I got into listening to the duo Best Coast. I liked the band before, but didn't actively seek to listen to their music like I have this week. I decided to try to listen to them more after I watched they're concert/interview on Guitar Center Sessions. I loved watching them play and hearing them explain their song writing process. This week I took time to listen to more of their albums while working on projects. I like that Best Coast has a nice balance of simplistic and complex going on with their songs. It makes their music great for cleaning, writing, or working on projects. I listened to their newest album "California Nights" twice in a row yesterday. It put me in a good mood.

#2 The A Cappella Brainstorm

My mom wanted to help one of her vocal students to learn how to sing a cappella in a group situation. She enlisted my help for two things. One is to sing. The other is to come up with a list of songs that I thought would work well for this purpose. I took several days of the week to come up with a list. I made them a playlist on YouTube so they could have a listen. My short list is actually quite long. At least they will have a lot of options to choose from. I'm excited to give this A Cappella thing a try.

#1 The Charmed Season 9 Comic

I finally just faced the fact that I am in a normal book reading slump. I am just so busy that my ADD won't let me focus on the words. I realized that I am in a comic book/graphic novel mood. I decided to just read those for awhile, because sometimes you just need to read books with pictures. It actually works out quite well because last year I went into a comic book reading slump. I guess now I'm reading all those comics I didn't read last year.

One of the comic collections I read this week was the Charmed Season 9 Comic. Charmed was a television show that I highly enjoyed. It is one of the few stories that centers around witches that I like. I am usually more of a werewolf and vampire person when it comes to supernatural beings in fiction. I wanted to see what events they came up with to follow the ending of the series. There are four volumes and I literally couldn't put them down. I loved the whole story arch. I also loved that the dialogue was so true to the characters in the series. It had me laughing out loud. Those girls always had such a wacky sarcastic sense of humor. Which is the factor what made me like the show, so I'm glad it made it into the comic. Plus, the art was beautiful. The only bad thing about it was that I finished the books so quickly. That's okay though. I'm reading She-Hulk now.

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