Monday, November 9, 2015

Must See Movie Monday - Carousel

Here is the original trailer though it doesn't really tell much about the movie. Old trailers amuse the heck out of me, so I'm putting it up anyway along with a movie clip.

Film: Carousel
Released: 1956
Director: Henry King
Starring: Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones
Short Summary: Fifteen years after his death Billy Bigelow asks for permission to come back to Earth for one day to help rectify the mistakes he made with his wife Julie and their child who he has never met. To get the permission he must retell the story of how he meet Julie.

Why It's A Must See Movie

I was in the mood for a musical. When one is in that mood I say why not watch a Rogers and Hammerstein musical, and Carousel just so happened to be on Netflix. Movie musicals can occasionally be hit or miss. Usually the stage show is just better than the film. However, I think Carousel is one of the good ones. I even loved it as a kid before it probably had any meaning for me. 

It's a bit of an overlooked movie musical because I guess back when it was released it didn't do very well at the box office. Which is apparently because it's one of those musicals that lives to be deep and a sad. You pretty much know from the first few moments of the movie that the love story is doomed. It's not often something that a movie will do that to you. That is of course what I like about Carousel. It's not just a silly depth-less film. It does have some happy light song and dance numbers, but also studies realistic issues and feelings. It contains characters with many layers. Which makes it interesting to watch and makes the songs more meaningful. 

The beautiful music is one of the main reasons everyone one should check this out. It's tough to beat a Rogers and Hammerstein musical in those terms. You can always count on excellent melodies and clever lyrics. Another reason to watch this film is the awesome choreography. The dancing in the amazing. I particularly like how the choreography utilizes the sets and locations. This movie should also be seen just for the fact that it looks beautiful. The sets, costumes, lighting, and uses of color are wonderful. Carousel is good eye candy. 

Carousel is a movie that is well acted. All the actors show emotions well, and they sing just a well. The actors get extra points because as far as I know they all sang their own parts for the film. Unlike some of the actors in other films made around this time period where the voices of the actors were overdubbed for the singing bits . I think this factor gives the scenes that have solo and duo songs more presence. 

If you like old movies and musicals Carousel is a movie worth checking out. It is rather long like most musical adaptations but it's worth it. 

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