Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weekly Obsession Wednesday - X-Men, Crossovers, and A Book Of Course

Hey everybody! Here are my obsessions for the week. I feel like I was equally obsessed with every one of these. However, for the sake of tradition I still rated them in the manor of a count down even though it was difficult to pick one higher than the others.

#3 90's X-Men Cartoon

I go through moments when I want to watch half hour cartoons while working on projects. I watched some episode of Avengers Assemble. While I liked it I wasn't in love with watching it all the time. I finally decided to watch the 90's X-Men cartoon, because X-Men cartoons can never go wrong for me. I'm pretty sure I've watched them all and I love them all. I still love the Wolverine and The X-Men and X-Men: Evolution a little bit more than this one but I still enjoy it. It is highly entertaining, the animation is great, and it has the same energy as some of the comics. I also find this X-Men show to be very soothing. I can put it on when I am feeling like a nice story to sleep too. It sends me right into R.E.M. sleep. It results in weird animal dreams but who cares. The only thing I don't like about this X-Men series is Jean Grey's uniform. I HATE it with a fiery passion! Haha!

#2 The Bones/Sleepy Hollow Halloween Crossover Event

To say I was excited about last Thursday's Halloween Bones and Sleep Hollow crossover would be an understatement. I am an avid fan of both shows. Thus it was like a fanfiction crossover readers dream. It is rare that that two shows that aren't directly related to each other by a spin-off crossover. It was an awesome two episode event. I loved seeing the characters from both shows react to each other and have to learn to work together. Which was quite a feat because Bones is all about the science and Sleepy Hollow is all about the supernatural. It was occasionally hilarious. Especially the interactions between Brennan and Ichabod who drove each other crazy. Of course Booth and Abbie are both FBI and got along swimmingly as they wrangled their eccentric partners. Haha! It also demonstrated how well developed the characters on both shows are. I mean I knew that they were or I wouldn't watch the shows, but when you see the mannerisms of Bones and Ichabod together you really see the excellence of the development of both characters. In a nutshell I loved this crossover. I vote for more non-spin-off crossovers on TV.

#1 Eleanor and Park

I am officially a Rainbow Rowel fan. Last week I was all about Fangirl and this week I was all about Eleanor and Park. It was such a beautiful story. The perfect mixture of sad and funny. I couldn't put the book down, and when I had to I was a little bummed that I had to put it down. I had a great time listening to 80's music and reading this book. Awesomeness!

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